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Like all of us, international workers need money to cover their basic cost of living. So just how are U.S. C&MA international workers compensated? Through gifts to the following categories:

  • Support Fund

    Contributions given in this manner are placed in the Great Commission Fund (GCF) and cover the workers’s compensation. This includes salary, housing, and benefits. The worker will be informed of your name and gift.

  • Work Fund

    Contributions made to this fund are used to support the ministry projects of the worker over and above budgeted funds for ministry expenses.

  • Outfit Fund

    Contributions to this fund are added to the worker’s compensation as taxable income and are used at the discretion of the worker for items to “outfit” their home overseas, with items such as appliances or home furnishings, etc.

  • Vehicle Special

    Contributions made to this fund are used to purchase a vehicle for the worker to facilitate their ministry.

Any of these methods makes it possible for Alliance international workers to stay on the field.


Telephone us toll-free at (866) 443-8262 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. (MST) or e-mail us at re[email protected].

Earthly Pay for a Heavenly Investment

A Christian greeting card company came out with a thank-you card saying, “I don’t know how to repay you for all you’ve done. So I’m asking God to take care of repaying you.” C&MA international workers make kingdom investments in the lives of people who can never repay them. There’s no amount of money in the world that’s enough to equal the value of one person who repents and believes in Jesus Christ, making Him Lord and Savior. In the words of a popular commercial, that’s “priceless”!

U.S. C&MA international workers are compensated with earthly pay for their eternal investment as their sending churches respond to five needs:

  • Compensation: Through a third party, International Ministries of the U.S. C&MA receives a regular, timely flow of cost of living information from every country where U.S. C&MA personnel are serving. This information, in the form of a comparative index, measures the change in overall buying power. The index takes into account changes in exchange rates as well as the net difference between fluctuations in the pricing of goods and services in the home country (U.S.) and host (international) country. An increase in buying power normally results in a decrease to the compensation rate in U.S. dollars, while a decrease in buying power normally results in an increase to the compensation rate in U.S. dollars. International Ministries regularly updates compensation rates twice during the fiscal year, once in July and again in January. Additional updates may occur if significant economic factors warrant a change. A single international worker receives 65 percent of what a married couple receives. The compensation rates for workers with zero, one or two children in the household is the same. An additional amount is paid to workers with households with three or four children. The third and fourth child continue to be considered part of the household for compensation purposes for two full fiscal years after the fiscal year in which they graduate from High School.
  • Health Benefits: Some international workers are in settings where excellent quality health care is available. Others find themselves in situations where this is challenging or impossible to find. At times international workers have to go to neighboring countries for quality health care. In a few situations, the severity of their illness requires a return to the homeland for in-depth treatment and care. The U.S. C&MA has a self-funded health insurance plan that includes benefits for medical, vision and dental care to help with all of these scenarios. The costs of providing this in the last decade has sky-rocketed with double-digit increases several years.
  • Housing: Through the U.S. Great Commission Fund, the cost of housing is covered. This is done for international workers when they’re on the field and when they’re on home assignment. There are guidelines to help international workers know the rental price ranges the C&MA will cover. In locations where a C&MA presence of seven years or more is anticipated, the option of building or purchasing C&MA-owned housing is considered.
  • Retirement: The U.S. C&MA family of churches provides a service increment for their personnel. This begins after ten years of service and increases every five years thereafter to assist international workers in retirement. When an international worker faithfully invests the service increment over a career of forty years or more, the result is a very helpful “nest egg” to help with retirement housing and other needs in the senior years of life.
  • Children’s Education: With multiple schooling options now available to families, education costs for the children of international workers have been increasing steadily for the last several years. Presently U.S. International Ministries spends about 10% of their annual budgets on MK (“missionary kid”) education and care.

With a core value of being incarnational, of learning the language and adapting to the culture of the people to whom international workers are sent, long term career workers are needed. Sending long-term, incarnational personnel is a long-term financial commitment. The funds to sustain them on the field must flow faithfully month after month. This releases them to fulfill God’s call on their lives to take the gospel cross-culturally to peoples who otherwise may not have opportunity to hear and respond.

What Can You and Your Local Church Do?

  • Make sure your church knows how important faithful U.S. Great Commission Fund giving is. Without a faithful flow, the workers cannot go!
  • Build a relationship with an international worker whose costs you as a church can cover. Through that relationship, construct a bridge of partnership so that you’re helping one another as you work together in fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Plan to make sacrificial giving for Alliance missions a part of your personal, yearly budget.
  • Encourage your church to set its highest missions giving goal ever and find creative ways to reach it.
  • In taking these steps, you can be sure C&MA international workers will not know how to repay you. But they will be asking God to repay you for your eternal investment. More importantly, your on-going support of helping to call the nations before God’s throne to worship Him will result in some very special words from the risen, victorious Christ: “WELL DONE, MY GOOD AND FAITHFUL SERVANT!”

You can support the work of C&MA churches and international workers around the world.

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