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In order to accomplish the work Christ has given us, a management structure is in place. Day to day administration of the U.S. C&MA is accomplished through three groups. They are General Council, the Board of Directors and Officers and the President’s Cabinet.

General Council

Acknowledging Christ as Head of the Church and Scripture as the ultimate authority, General Council, representative of the entire membership, is the legislative body of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. When General Council convenes, attention is given to the following functions:

  • Advancing the mission and vision of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.
  • Evaluating the progress of the ministries of The Christian and Missionary Alliance.
  • Electing officers, transacting business, and enacting denominational policies.
  • Providing opportunities for worship, fellowship, spiritual renewal, inspiration to greater service, and the development of ministry skills.

Board of Directors and Officers

The governance of the C&MA is vested in our Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is subject to the legislation and policies enacted by the General Council, which is the representative body of the members of the C&MA. The number of directors, their classifications, if any, their term of office, and the manner of their election or appointment is determined according to the Bylaws of the C&MA from time to time in force.

Term 2017–2021

Term 2019–2021

Term 2019–2023

The Board of Directors also includes 2 international workers currently serving in a Creative Access Country.

* denotes ex officio member

The Board appreciates hearing from constituents with various opinions, suggestions, or concerns. Letters to the Board of Directors should be sent to: The Christian and Missionary Alliance, Office of the Corporate Secretary, 8595 Explorer Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80920.

Executive Officers

  • Dr. John P. Stumbo

    President (2017–2021)

  • Kelvin L. Walker

    Corporate Vice President (2019–2023)

  • Steven C. Lausell

    Corporate Secretary (2019–2023)

President’s Cabinet

The President’s Cabinet consists of the president as chairman, the corporate vice president, the corporate secretary, each vice president, and such others as the president desires to include from time to time. The Cabinet makes available to the president advice and information from all areas of administration. The president reports important matters and recommendations to the regular meetings of the Board of Directors.

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