Edvin Andersson

China, 1893-1900

Edvin AnderssonEdvin Andersson was born on January 14, 1871, in Gasinge Congregation in Sodermanland, Sweden. It is told of Edvin Anderson that as a young boy he had a searching mind and often looked up to heaven. His aunt said of him that, “He continually lifted his eyes to the mountains and to Him who made heaven and earth.” He is quoted as saying, “That when one looks up to God for blessing, the blessing is there.” While attending a missionary meeting held by Rev. William Fransen, who was recruiting missionaries to China to be funded by the Christian Missionary Alliance of the United States, he felt a burden for China and he volunteered and was selected to go to China with the first group of Swedes. He arrived in China in 1893.

He was very successful as a missionary. Within six months of arriving in China he had learned the language well enough to get around and within the first year he was preaching and teaching. Dressed in Chinese clothing with partly shaven head and the traditional pigtail, he was able to talk as a native with confidence; and he often had natives question him and say, “It is noticed that you are a well educated and cultivated man.” He met and married Elluaa Andersson a Swedish missionary on the field some time around 1895. They had one son Harold, and a child born during their flight.

In Tsingshuihotsi, which name means “The Clear Water River” he, along with missionary Lundkvist as a comrade, and later with his wife quickly became popular with the natives and “Invited the thirsty to the water.” He led and guided the poor Chinese with their sinful and impure hearts to the clear, healing water, which flows up against sin and impurity. His pastorate was, in comparison to other missionaries, very big, and he was very well known and respected by the Chinese as well as his comrades.

In his last assignment, he worked in the Tooting station that was overrun by the Boxers and burned down in late 1899. A Chinese evangelist named Su, who they had left behind, was martyred, after missionary Andersson and his family had escaped.

When it became clear that the Boxers were about to attack his station, Edvin, his wife and children left and joined the Lundbergs ending up at Kwei, Hua-Cheng. They perished on August 22, 1900, at the hands of the Boxers.

Translated from Swedish article into English.

Emma Andersson

China, 1893-1900

Emma AnderssonEmma Andersson (f. Hasselberg) was born in Skara on June 19, 1864, Emma was about 24 years old when she became a believer in Jesus Christ. At that time she was living in Stockholm, Sweden, where she had moved. After becoming a believer she joined the Methodist Church. At that time, her father had died 12 years earlier, but her mother was living with her.

In a thrust for knowledge about her newfound faith, Emma attended The Franken Bible Course in Stockholm. When the idea of becoming a missionary was put before her she clearly declined; however, after many internal struggles, she decided to follow God’s call to go to China and went there with the Swedish missionaries funded by the C&MA in 1893. Since she had already learned some of the language in Sweden, and could make herself understood, she witnessed gladly to young and old, especially women and children, about her Savior. She did this first with other sisters in Lotocheng, and later with her husband in Tsingshuihotsi, and later in Totocheng.

Emma met and married Emil Andersson, a Swedish missionary on the field, some time around 1895. They had one son, Harold, and a child born during their flight from the Boxers.

She was energetic and strong most of the time she was in China. However shortly after arriving in China she became sick and was near death for quite a long period of time. She was in much distress and laid for 19 days without being able to open her eyes. Her comrades had given her up for dead. One day during a healing ceremony and prayer, her God, Savior, and Sanctifier healed her.

So unfortunate was she, yet in spite of all, she considered herself fortunate. As her eyes finally closed, she “saw no one but Jesus alone.” She joyously shouted, “Oh, now is Jesus here, now I see him again.” It was as an entrance to heaven from the sickroom. At one time she heard Jesus say, “You shall not die, but live, and know the Lord’s blessing.” Now she is in heaven, praising God, with her husband, son Harold, and her little child, born during their flight.

Translated from Swedish article into English.

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