Alida Gustafsson

China, 1893-1900

Alida GustafssonAlida Gustafsson was born on August 7, 1862, in Morlunda parish in Smaland, Sweden. Nothing is known about her early life except that she was converted at an early age and attended a Methodist church with her family.

Shortly after she was converted, she wanted to become a witness for Christ, and she joined The Salvation Army, where she quickly earned the rank of Captain. Sometime around the autumn of 1892, she took part in Franson’s Bible course in Stockholm. Rev. William Emannel Franson had a great burden for China and, with the help of the C&MA, was soliciting missionaries to go to China. Alida quickly accepted the challenge and studied the language and was pronounced ready for missionary duty.

Alida arrived in China in the spring of 1893. After an introduction in Picking, she was assigned to a station in Tongkingtish. Inspired with zeal for the conversion of the heathen, she worked among the Chinese with much blessing. She worked there for about three years, some of the time with Hilda Larsson as a comrade. Before that she worked for a short time in Langkao.

Alida was in China about three years when the Boxer Rebellion broke out. In Tongkingtsih, and a nearby station to Langokao, about 3 miles from there, Alida Gustafson worked during the revolt. She had no intention of leaving her post.

About her death we have very little information. Chinese report that she remained at her station in Tongkingtsih and was brutally murdered there.

Faithful to her ministry, and loyal until death, she has now gone to receive her heavenly reward.

Translated from Swedish article into English.

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