Klara Hall

China, 1893-1900

Klara HallKlara Hall In her autobiography Klara Hall wrote the following while stationed in Trosvittnet. Psalm 139:16 “Thine eyes did see my substance, yet being imperfect, and in thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned when as yet there were none of them.”

My mother said, at the time of her first daughter’s death when she was only a few months old, in her deep sorrow, she prayed to God to give her another daughter. Her prayer was answered on August 13, 1849, when I was born in Bstergotland. My mother did not realize at that time that the daughter God would give her would become a witness to China’s millions. But that was already recorded in God’s Word. Even as a child, God’s Spirit called me, and I gave my heart completely to Christ on March 14, 1873. I will never forget that time, when God did His wonderful work in my soul. His leading since then has been wonderful. Certainly life’s lessons have sometimes been difficult, and it has gone slow for me in God’s school, but it has gone on, and will go until I have my “final examination” and time of learning has ended.

Anxious to begin her new ministry, Klara Hall became a housemother at a home for fallen women for a few years, from 1880. Following that she began a women’s Bible study, and then she joined The Salvation Army, where she became a Captain. Then God called her to become a missionary. November 29, 1892, she was committed to China while living in Stockholm. “The time was blessed,” she says. “Many dear faces I saw there that I will never again see until we meet before the Throne of God.”

On December 15, she traveled with seventeen other missionaries from Goteborg to England. After a period of studying the English language, on April 17, 1893, she left on a steamer for Kueihuacheng in northern China, where she began learning the Chinese language. After she worked for a while with some zealous and faithful women in the city of Pinglo in Kansuh, she felt the need to minister to small girls. Through the gifts of friends in Sweden, she received support for a children’s home, which she opened in spring of 1898. From that came an important and much needed branch in the mission work.

After a period of about two years Klara’s mission home grew to between 20 and 30 little ones who came directly from the streets, or from poor families surrounding her. Her goal was, however, as fast as possible, to expand the home and build a large house for that purpose. The care and responsibility was by no means easy, being a woman, but the invisible hands of God held her up, as well as the love for her work. Money from her inheritance also helped her. She did not grudge having no rest, night or day, because of illness or unpreventable occurrences. God sent her a much needed and good help when Kristina Ron came from Sweden in January of 1900 to help with the small children.

At the annual conference in May, sister Klara was exhorted to witness during the last days meeting. The time was very moving and emotional when she sang the well-known song: “Thanks to God for my Redeemer.” During the conference, the Boxer Rebellion broke out and shortly after returning to Kansuh the Boxers overran the children’s home and murdered Klara, Kristina Orn and all of the little ones in the mission.

Translated from Swedish article into English.

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