Wilheim Noren

China, 1893-1900

Wilheim NorenWilheim Noren, the son of farmer August Johansson and his wife, Wilhelm was born in Utkumla in Dingtuna parish in Vastmanland, Sweden on August 11, 1871. At the age of fourteen he came to live with his uncle and aunt who lived near Stockholm. At about the age of 16 years old he was converted through the influence of his church’s Sunday school. He had a thirst for the Word, and because of his diligent study, he quickly became very knowledgeable in the Word. Sometime later he was trusted with becoming a Sunday school teacher, teaching the same class he had attended as a child. He held this position until he traveled to China. He often took part in Sunday services and “holy” days, and freely witnessed about Christ. By profession, he was an upholsterer.

In 1892, Noren took part in Fransen’s Bible School in Stockholm. While attending the course, God laid it on Wilheim’s heart to become a missionary to China. He applied, was accepted, and left for China in December of that same year. He arrived in China at the beginning of the following year.

He, along with his group of approximately 20 new missionaries, were assigned to Paoteo, where they studied the language and were indoctrinated into the culture. After his indoctrination, he and two other missionaries were assigned to open a mission station in Hopaoing. In 1895, he married Augusta Sjoberg a Swedish missionary that was in his group, and together they took oversight of the station at Paoteo.

The station at Paoteo was one of the first to see persecution from the Boxers. Noren and his wife and three children attempted to flee to safety. However they did not get very far. The Boxers caught up with them, and according to a letter from Karen and Tsihshihri, Noren, his wife, and two children were murdered along with the other missionaries in their group. Of their three daughters, the youngest died of an illness one half year before, in December 1899. The other two, Maria and Linnea, followed their parents as martyrs. Further information is lacking. Noren was a good and serious comrade on the mission field. May he rest in peace.

Translated from Swedish article into English.

Augusta Noren

China, 1893-1900

Augusta NorenAugusta Sjoberg was born September 29, 1864, to a middle class Swedish family in Stockholm. She was converted at the age of 16. It was often said of her that she had peace with God. She had a hunger for God’s Word and at the age 21, she enrolled in Miss Elsa Borg’s Ladies Bible School which she had desired to do ever sense she was converted. However, she only took one course there. Her family moved to Sreafimerlasarettet, where she lived for five years. During her last year in Sweden, she was employed at the Katarina Hospital.

Even as a child she thought often about the heathen in their need and darkness and she longed to go to them. After a year of waiting and preparing, she was granted her wish. Through the help of F. Fransen she attended Bible School in Stockholm in 1892, then was accepted as a missionary to China.

In December of that year she traveled with the first group of Swedish C&MA missionaries to England. In the early part of 1893, they traveled on to northern China. Afterwards, in the autumn, she studied the language in Kueihuachengm, then she moved to Pehkehtsi where she worked together with Augusta Brolin until 1895. In 1895 she married Wilheim Noren, a Swedish missionary that was in her group, and together they took oversight of the station at Paoteo. They had three children; one died from sickness, and the other two died as martyrs with their parents.

She and her husband Wilheim continued to the end, being faithful to share the “light.” She witnessed not only with words but also through kindness and calm ways, and will certainly bear fruit. What she, in love for her Master, has done for these poor souls will never be forgotten.

In a letter home, Augusta Noren wrote, “I have asked God that at some time in my life I may see my beloved parents. But if I cannot, I will not sorrow because I have given my all to Jesus.” Before long she was through suffering and death, called to enter into her Savior’s joy. May we all who wish to meet her there, live as she did and give ourselves completely to God, to live and die for Him!

Translated from Swedish article into English.

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