August E. Palm

China, 1896-1900

August E. PalmAugust Palm was born in Taby parish, Orebrolan, Sweden, on July 23, 1871. His father was Tailor A. Erikson, who was well respected in that community. Because his parents were believers, at an early age he learned the Holy Scriptures and made a good impression on all. During a powerful revival, which occurred in his region in 1888, he was converted on December 6. Two of his sisters were also brought to faith at this time.

For a time while living in Orebro, the longing which began in his childhood to do something for the heathen became stronger after his conversion. During Christmas 1892, he became involved with a Sunday school where he, during a message about the heathen, became deeply stirred, and with the prophet said, “Here am I, send me.”

In January 1893, he took part in one of F. Fransen’s Bible studies in Drebro and volunteered as a missionary candidate to China. In autumn of that year, he traveled with a brother to Herjedalen to witness about Jesus. “That for me,” he said, “was a good mission school. We traveled by foot, three or four miles per day, and held meetings in the evening. But we had God’s blessing and for that we were pleased.” In autumn 1894, Palm came to Ostergotland, where he worked in the parishes of Varna, Grebo, and Bjorsater, where he continued to grow spiritually.

In January 1896, he left to join the Swedish missionaries in northern China. He studied first the language in Kueihuacheng, and later traveled to Salatsi, where he worked together with missionary Albert Andersson and his wife. He was on the field long enough to earn a furlough back to Sweden. After their furlough to Sweden, he served together with Anna, his wife whom he married on the field. Little is known about her except that she was the daughter of a railroad worker. Back in China, Anderson and his wife were stationed in Tranas. He did not have his good wife and helper for very long, for on Christmas Eve of the same year she died of an unknown illness. She remarked, “Death is not difficult.” In his final year, Palm worked with the Blombergs.

Details of his murder are not known, neither the date of the incident, but we know that he was a faithful servant during his life. He was faithful unto death and has received the crown of life. According to incoming information from the Swedish Council in Shanghai, Palm was murdered in June, along with other missionaries attempting to escape the Boxers. Probably Palm was one of the brothers, which missionary Stenberg took along from Paoteo to Mongoliet, which Fridstrom wrote about in his letter, and thus was murdered with the seven missionaries assigned to the Mongolian mission.

Rev. 2:10 “Fear none of those things which thou shall suffer…ye shall have tribulation: be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.”

Translated from Swedish article into English.

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