Ruth Margaret Wilting

Vietnam, 1954-1968

Ruth WiltingRuth Margaret Wilting was born November 15, 1925 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her sister led her to Christ during a revival meeting when Ruth was 12 years old. While attending a summer convention at Beulah Beach, Ohio, she realized her need to yield her life to the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit. Victory did not come, however, until just prior to her departure for The Missionary Training Institute of Nyack (Nyack College) in the fall of 1945.

After graduating from Nyack, Ruth received training as a nurse. In 1952, she was appointed to Vietnam as a missionary nurse. Another year of study followed, this time in Paris, before she arrived in Vietnam in 1954 to begin her work at the leprosarium in the central highlands.

During her second term, Ruth was stationed part time at Pleiku, where she traveled more than 300 miles a month ministering to the Jarai tribespeople afflicted with leprosy. She was at the leprosarium in 1962 when three missionaries were taken captive by the Vietcong. Nonetheless, she was eager to return to Banmethuot after her last furlough in 1966.

Ruth was killed January 31, 1968, when the Vietcong attacked Banmethuot. The Tet Offensive also claimed the lives of six other missionaries: N. Robert Ziemer, Carolyn Ruth Griswold, Mr. Leon Griswold, Mr. C. Edward Thompson, and Mrs. Ruth Thompson.

Taken in part from The Alliance Witness — March 13, 1968, and other C&MA resources.

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