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About 5,000 Gospels of John have been distributed to people along the rivers and streams of Prachinburi Province by missionaries using the Gospel Boat. Such personal distribution of Scriptures will produce fruit, but the results may not be seen in this world. When, however, some immediate results from these efforts do come to the missionary’s attention, his heart rejoices. Two men who have been converted recently bear witness to the value of giving out the printed Word.

Nai Aroon prepares to dispose of his last image of Buddha. (Photo courtesy of the C&MA Archives)

Within the last year a man named Nai Aroon began to visit the Mission residence. In his younger days, he had spent 12 years as a Buddhist priest and had completed studies for barien (learned man) but had failed in the examinations. He had received invitations to preach in many places and was so well remunerated that he had been able to buy and operate his own automobile. After leaving the priesthood, he had engaged in private enterprise for a time and then in government service in the Customs Department in Bangkok. Now he lives in his orchard garden along the river near the capital of Prachinburi.

Both he and his 12-year-old son completed lessons on the Gospel of John correspondence course. From the first he always asked sincere questions about Christianity. Soon he requested correspondence lessons for his neighbors, to whom he was witnessing. A phonograph with gospel records was lent to him. He did not wait for neighbors to come in—he carried it around to their homes and played the gospel to them. He gave his images of Buddha away—all except one—and declared himself “a Christian 100 percent.”

Often when a heathen accepts the Lord, the missionary helps him to say the words in his prayer of repentance. Here is a man with whom the missionary did not pray, yet his life reveals that God has truly worked in his soul. When his neighbor to whom he had witnessed was later under the influence of liquor, he hit Nai Aroon on the head with a stick. Nai Aroon did not retaliate. On the contrary, he forgave him. His friends and family urged him to revenge himself for the blood spilled, but he stood firm in granting forgiveness.

Seven months after receiving the Gospel of John, Nai Aroon came with his son, who also believes, and brought with him the one remaining image of Buddha. This one image has a value of about $25, but he disposed of it saying it could no longer be in the same house with him. He said that for 30 years he had bowed before this image every day, but he was now truly “a Christian 100 percent.”

Adapted from The Alliance Weekly, September 7, 1955

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  1. Yes–I believe they were. Mr Boese and his wife, Grace, served as Alliance workers in Thailand from 1946 to 1977–with a few years in between spent serving churches here in the United States.

  2. I read this article and was wondering if the author was the same Harvey and Grace (wife) that I spent 5 months living with in Korat during the Vietnam War?

  3. What a testimony! Reminds me of a story my dad shared about my grandfather coming to faith in Jesus. AMAZING.

  4. I pray to God that more Cambodian have the same testimony as Nai Aroon.
    My heart, My Soul , and Spirit are waiting for God ‘s will and the right time for me to go to Cambodia as missionary for Share the Gospel.

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