A City on a Hill


You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. —Matthew 5:14, ESV

Peter BurgoIn Matthew 5, Jesus teaches His disciples what it means to be citizens of the Kingdom of God. The virtues elevated in the Beatitudes were likely as countercultural then as they are now. A society that extols ruthlessness and self-indulgence has little room for meekness and mercy.

It is in this context that Jesus unveils His blueprint for the Church:

  • a community of people emerging from the current culture,
  • known for their love for one another and for those in need,
  • rising up to permeate their culture with grace and truth.

Jesus then bestows on them a holy identity: the salt of the earth, the light of the world. These poor-in-spirit, mourning, righteousness-hungering, merciful, pure-hearted, peacemaking, persecuted people were not to remain isolated in their meekness. They were to live out loud as a CITY ON A HILL. Elevated. Visible. Present. Active.

In this issue, Terry Wardle reminds us that our sacred City, the Church, draws from an inexhaustible reserve of power from the Holy Spirit. Tim Crouch concurs that this City “is to be fueled by the Spirit to constantly look beyond, toward new horizons—frontiers where the gospel is not known.” And Dave Reynolds answers some tough questions about why we must continue to plant new churches, even when doing so can be challenging and resource depleting.

You’ll also read about Alliance congregations that have made “City-on-a-Hill” choices to love one another, proclaim the truth, and serve their local and global communities. And churches that received Dream Incentive Grants in 2015 report on how God used those funds to help them build bridges into their communities and beyond.

In his book I Believe in the Church, author David Watson writes,

It is the church that is willing to die to worldly standards that will know the power of Christ’s Resurrection. It may be envied for its depths of loving relationships or for its spontaneous joy; it may be hated and persecuted for its revolutionary lifestyle exposing the hollow values and destructive selfishness of the society it seeks to serve, but it certainly cannot be ignored. When God reigns among His people, they become a city set on a hill and cannot be hid.

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Peter Burgo, Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Can i please get a copy of the july/August 2016 please the little girl is my daughter her name is tianna

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