A Lament for our Asian Brothers and Sisters


God, we lament that Your image is treated with such disrespect and disregard

That that the cries of our Asian brothers and sisters

Fall silent on ears that should be listening

They are in pain and have been screaming out for help and we have ignored their cries

God, we lament that Your beautiful creation—our sisters and brothers who are Asian

Too often have to prove that racism affects their communities in countless ways every day

And it takes crimes of hate against them

And loss of life among them

For us to wake up and say this should not be we have disregarded their voice

God, we lament that inexcusable assaults on Asian boys and girls and teenagers and young adults

Have been going on for years

School-aged children living in fear

Fear of going to school because

Other kids live by the rule that

Punching and beating them up is OK

They don’t feel safe and we have not realized how unsafe it is for them

God, we lament that precious Asian grandmothers and grandfathers

No longer feel protected and revered in society because

People who don’t value the elderly attack them—not just because they’re old

But because they’re Asian and old

They’re told that this “virus” is their fault

They’re treated with disdain and in dehumanizing ways

And we perpetuate and stand complicit in their dehumanization when we remain silent

Rather than saying, “No more.”

But we, Your people—YOUR CHURCH—are to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with You,

So we rise from our silence and say

This anti-Asian hate and racism is unjust

For the Asian community that has felt voiceless and unheard

We will be Your voice

We will not sit silent while they are attacked, spit upon, and killed

We will stop ignoring, we will listen and hear and act with conviction

Conviction that it IS just AND biblical

To protect each individual

In the Asian community

That bears Your image with beauty BECAUSE

This anti-Asian hate is not of You






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