A Light in the East

By Anonymous

In a Chinese village resistant to the gospel, a worker was finishing a water project when she was approached by a woman pleading with her to come help her granddaughter. The girl had a severe ear infection. The worker snapped a picture of the girl’s ear and took it to a doctor in the city, who arranged for the father of the girl to bring her in for treatment.

“Why are you doing this?” the doctor asked the worker. “Why do you care for them?” He was amazed that she would show such compassion to strangers. Without care, the infection would have turned into meningitis, and she probably would have died.

During the three-week recovery period, both the girl and her father committed their lives to Christ. On the way back to the village, the worker talked to the father about how to remove the animistic fetishes from his home and warned him to expect opposition to his new faith. While they were talking the man received a call on his cell phone telling him that his wife was gravely ill. When they entered the village, people were mourning; the girl’s mother had just died.

The worker stayed with the family for three days, “weeping with those who weep.” Although there were those who told him that his wife’s death was the result of his belief in Jesus, the father said, “I will not go back to the old ways.”

Through the faith of this man and his daughter, the grandmother now seeks out the prayers of the believers and one of the man’s brothers has become a Christian. Because the worker reached out to a sick child, the village, which was once resistant to the gospel, now has a light in the midst of the darkness.

—an Alliance worker

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