A Miracle in Erdenet

Divine healing spurs church planting


I wasn’t ready for my trip to Mongolia four years ago. Two weeks prior to my departure, I was infected with poison ivy, which soon spread all over my body. The skin irritation was so severe that I had hardly slept for more than 10 days.

After taking steroid pills, I had temporary relief for a day, but afterward, the pills seemed to make the condition worse. Feeling miserable and frustrated, I wondered whether I could travel as planned. The upcoming trip did not look promising.

Despite my family’s uneasiness, and that of Paul and Evelyn*, Alliance workers in Mongolia, I went ahead with the plan and traveled to Ulanbataar with a wounded heart and body.

Extravagant Hospitality

Upon my arrival, I found that Evelyn had made some last-minute changes to our schedule. We had originally planned to lead a seminar for the C&MA church leaders at Erdenet before visiting other places; instead, Evelyn took me first to Bireq Xot in the east of Ulanbataar.

Geelot’s father spent 10 hours preparing a feast of tarbagan marmot meal for Jintae’s visit.
Having driven the entire day in chilling rain, we arrived at the home of Geelot, a church leader. She welcomed us in and served us rare fruits and foods, which are hard to get in the small mining town in the remote area of Bireq Xot. Geelot must have made the four-day trip to the border city of Zaminwood to get them. Her incredible hospitality didn’t stop there.

Geelot’s family had vacated their home in heavy rain to make room for our stay. Her father, Nemongjo, even prepared for us a feast of tarbagan marmot meal, a prairie dog, which is served only during the most special occasions and takes more than 10 hours to prepare.

I had enjoyed Mongolian hospitality on other occasions, but this was an exceptional experience. Geelot treated us beyond her means, and we wondered at such extravagance. We received the answer when she shared with us a surprise testimony about how God had healed her.

Completely Healed

The previous year Geelot made the two-day trip to Erdenet to attend the training seminar I had led. After the week-long seminar, she attended Sunday service at the Dinz church, where I was preaching. After the service, I had invited those who needed healing prayer to come to the ger (a tent house) located next to the sanctuary. Geelot was one of those who showed up.

Before praying, I asked Geelot what she needed healing from. “I have been suffering from kidney cancer for the last seven years,” she replied.

Hesitation and discomfort hit me. Come on! You are not a divine healer but a teacher, I thought. It’s cancer. Even doctors cannot do anything with 7-year-old cancer.

Jintae Kim anoints a woman with oil and prays for her healing.
Despite the hesitation in my heart, I laid my hands upon her head and prayed for her healing.

The next morning she came to me before departure, and along with others, they testified that she had been miraculously healed. I did not take their testimony seriously and thought that they were just trying to encourage me.

Now a year later, Geelot explained, “When you prayed for me, a burning heat swept through my whole body and took all my pains away. I knew that I was healed completely.

“Having returned home, I went to the town medical center to be sure about my healing. The medical center personnel confirmed that I was completely healed.”

Geelot, a church planter in Mongolia, was healed of kidney cancer.
Having her health restored, Geelot rejoiced for what God had done through my healing prayer and determined to push back the darkness in Mongolia by accelerating her church-planting work. She had successfully planted two more churches since her healing experience. She had first traveled to Boro-Ondor, a city in the South Gobi, to evangelize her sister, a water-and-electric bill collector in the town who became a believer. Together they started a town-wide outreach and planted a church in Boro-Ondor with her sister as the church leader.

Geelot then planted another church in a temporary dwelling quarter in the quartz mine near Bireq Xot. As church membership increased in the small dwelling, Geelot bought another apartment unit for $2,000 and dedicated it as a gathering place of the church. We saw the new meeting spot the next morning. Standing in that apartment, I could not stop praising God for what He had done through Geelot during the last year.

Have Faith

Geelot’s testimony impacted me tremendously. First, it changed my theology of healing. I used to consider healing primarily a spiritual gift, but now I consider it as “children’s bread” (according to Keith Bailey, author of Divine Healing: The Children’s Bread), which is given freely for all believers’ enjoyment. Neither my strength nor faith made her whole but God’s grace and Geelot’s earnest faith and desire.

Secondly, it awoke me from a state of inertia. I repented for my lack of faith and laid everything at the cross, including my poison ivy infection. From that point onward, the rash ceased to bother me. The infected wounds were still there, but they no longer irritated me.

I left Bireq Xot as a changed person renewed in faith. Healing became a big part of my ministry in Mongolia. I did not care whether I had the gift of healing or not, but I followed the steps of Christ. Like the woman who had been subject to bleeding for 12 years, people came with faith and expectation that God would heal them, and God rewarded their expectations with miraculous healings.

“I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father” (John 14:12).

*Names changed

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