A New Heart for Joe

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During our first year in Mahachai, Thailand, Joe, 34, moved in across the street, and we talked with him occasionally. In October 2009, we learned that we would have to move because our landlord had defaulted on her mortgage. Joe agreed to rent to us until we returned to the United States for home assignment. He was somewhat interested when we shared the gospel with him.

After we returned to Thailand, God led us to a home a few houses from Joe’s. Joe told Ed that he wanted to have lunch with him and talk about God. Before the lunch date, however, Joe had a massive heart attack.

Ed contacted Joe immediately, and we asked our prayer supporters to intercede. Ed and several men from the church, including the pastor, visited Joe in the hospital. When he was released, Joe started coming to church occasionally. He knew very little about Jesus, but he was touched by the members’ prayers and concern.

Joe and his daughter started coming to the church on Saturdays to take guitar lessons from Pastor Somkit. During one session, Joe confided that the factory that supplied material for his company was refusing to do so. If the factory did not come through, his business would collapse. Joe was desperate.

Pastor Somkit challenged him to pray to God, and Joe prayed all day that he would receive the needed material. During the sermon at church the next day, Joe stepped out to take a phone call. After the service, Joe told Pastor Somkit that God had answered his prayer; the factory had called, agreeing to send the material. “Do you want to believe in Jesus?” Pastor Somkit asked. “I believe already!” Joe answered. The men of the church gathered around as the pastor led Joe in a prayer to accept Jesus. After a fellowship dinner, Joe’s two children prayed with Pastor Somkit’s wife to receive the Lord. Please pray that Joe’s wife will come to faith in Christ, too.

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