A New Year’s Salutation


What shall I ask for the coming year,
What shall my watchword be,
What would’st Thou do for me, dear Lord,
What shall I do for Thee?

Lord, I would ask for a holy year,
Spent in Thy perfect will;
Help me to walk in Thy very steps—
Help me to please Thee still.

Lord, I would ask for a heavenly year,
Humble, and yet so high;
Help me to sink at Thy blessed feet,
And yet on Thy bosom lie.

Lord, I would ask for a trustful year,
Give me Thy faith divine,
Taking my full inheritance,
Making Thy fullness mine.

Lord, I would ask for a year of love,
Oh, let me love Thee best;
Give me the love that faileth not
Beneath the hardest test.

Lord, I would ask for a busy year,
Filled up with service true,
Doing with all Thy Spirit’s might
Whate’er I find to do.

Lord, I would ask for a year of prayer,
Teach me to walk with Thee;
Breathe in my heart Thy Spirit’s breath,
Pray Thou Thy prayer in me.

Lord, I would ask for the dying world,
Stretch forth Thy mighty hand,
Thy truth proclaim, Thy power display,
This year in every land.
Lord, I would ask for a year of joy,
Thy peace, Thy joy divine,
Springing undimmed through all the days,
Be they days of shade or shine.

Lord, I would ask for a year of hope,
Looking for Thee to come,
And hastening on that year of years
That brings us Christ and Home.

Lord, I would ask for a year divine,
Transfigured from above
Till all its days like heaven’s heights
Shine with Thy light and love.

—by A. B. Simpson
Originally published in The Christian and Missionary Alliance Weekly, January 1, 1892

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