A New Year’s Wish for the Ages


To Our Dear Friends in the Lord Jesus,

In the name of the Lord, we wish for all to whom these words may come a happy New Year. In order that it may be so, let it be

A year with Jesus.

Let us seek its plan and direction from Him. Let us take His highest thought and will for us in it. Let us look to Him for our desires, ideals, and expectations in it. Then shall it bring to us exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think. Let Him be our Guide and Way every moment, on whom we constantly depend to lead our every step, leaving all care to Him who knowest the way we take.

A year of self-forgetting ministry for Christ and others.

Let us not be weighed down by our burdens through the year, but drop all our loads of care and be free to carry His yoke and His burden. Let us make the happy exchange, giving ours and taking His. Let us do good to all men as we have opportunity. Especially let us seek to win souls, and may this new year be the harvest year of our lives.

A year of prayer.

Let us see that our highest ministry and power is to deal with God for men. Let us be obedient to all the Holy Spirit’s voices of prayer in us. Let us cherish the spirit of unceasing prayer and abiding communion. Let us reach persons this year we cannot reach in person; let us expect results that we have never dared to claim before.

A year of joy and praise.

Let us live in the promises of God and the outlook of His deliverance and blessing. Let us never dwell on the trial, but always on the victory just before. Let us not dwell in the tomb, but in the garden of Joseph and the light of the Resurrection. Let us keep our faces toward the sun rising. Arise, shine. Rejoice ever more. In everything give thanks. Praise ye the Lord.

A year to forget the things that are behind and reach out unto those that are before.

God has “a new thing” for us in the coming year. “Speak unto the children of Israel that they go forward.” Let it be a year of deeper, wider, higher, diviner things. Let us hold fast that which we have attained, but go out also to “the regions beyond” and arise and possess the length and breadth of the land which the Lord our God does give to us.

Yours in Him,

A. B. Simpson

Adapted from Alliance founder A. B. Simpson’s New Year’s Greeting, 1886

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6 responses to A New Year’s Wish for the Ages

  1. We love CMA!!!! was wondering if we could get the ALLIANCE LIFE magazine – how can you get it to ship every month/everyother month!


  2. amen,when I become a Born Again Christian,I accepted Lord Jesus Christ is my personal savior He is the Great Redeemer , All people must know that through JesusChrist we saved.according to the bible from Jhon 3:16 I,surrendered my whole life to our Lord JesusChrist he is my Great Provider and my savior Amen, may the Lord God Almigthy and
    Lord JesusChrist with you forever,
    Brother Reynaldo Epia

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