A Pioneer Effort


Editor’s note: The Alliance celebrates the many significant contributions African Americans have made to the proclamation of the gospel since the infancy of our movement. The following account is just one of them. At the time it was written, the term “colored” had been most widely used in reference to African Americans, as you will see below.

From April 29–May 15, 1904, the most successful convention in the history of Pittsburgh Branch No. 2, Christian and Mission Alliance, was held in the Mission House, Fulton Street.

Throughout the winter the convention had been looked forward to with great expectation, but our Father gave the exceeding abundantly far more than the greatest hope. . . .

Sunday, May 15, was missionary day. Miss Mullen, returned missionary from the Soudan, and Mrs. B. H. Smoot were in charge, and considerable interest aroused on behalf of foreign missions. The subscriptions for missions amounted $527.50.

Prayer was offered daily during the convention for the Rescue Home for Colored Women, which Branch No. 2 hopes to establish this summer. The great need of such an institution has occasioned Bro. Robinson much real concern, and he has made earnest efforts in this direction. Recently, furniture sufficient for seven rooms was donated, and the following appeal has been sent out:

Dear Christian friend:

The Christian and Missionary Alliance, Pittsburgh Branch No. 2, Mission House on Fulton Street, near Hazel, makes an appeal to you for aid in carrying on its work among the neglected classes. Our especial work being among the colored people.

On July 11, 1903, Pittsburgh Branch No. 2 was chartered by the Allegheny County Courts, and among the objects set forth in said charter was the establishing of a rescue home or asylum for unfortunate young women. As there is no rescue home in the entire community that will accept colored refugees, the need of such an institution is very apparent. While the main object of the Branch will be to provide for colored women, yet all women of whatever race or condition will be received.

For the furtherance of our work we ask your generous aid.

Yours in Christian bonds,

W. Peter Robinson, Rev. E. D. Whiteside, Thos. T. Turner, John A. Best, E. B. Nichols, D. H. Barnett, C. G. Brittian, Trustees

. . . Pittsburgh Branch No. 2 is the pioneer of all Alliance effort among the colored people and already, North, East, South, and West, the gospel of full salvation has been heralded by colored workers sent out from this branch. It will not be long until several workers will start for the Congo, the Soudan, and other needy fields.

Young colored men and women are interested in mission work as never before, and from this race “Christ is (indeed) gathering out a people” who will “haste to give the invitation, ere shall end the day of grace.”

Pittsburgh Branch No. 2 asks prayer for the furtherance of its work.

—G. A. N.

Adapted from Christian and Missionary Alliance, July 2, 1904

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