A Sign from God

Healing and courage in Mongolia


“Dr. Kim, this is where we survived a car accident in the freezing cold evening of November 5, 2006.”

The spot was notorious for fatal accidents, claiming 18 lives in that year alone. While turning onto the snow-covered road, “Y,” an Alliance international worker, said to his wife, “We shall plant a church in Jargalant when we return from the next furlough.” At that moment Y’s Land Cruiser skidded and tumbled down the slope, totaling the vehicle.

Townspeople flocked to see how many had died but were surprised to find that no one was seriously injured. Even the mayor helped to rescue Y and his passengers, who could have frozen to death in the brutal cold.

Many people would consider this accident a bad omen, but Y took it as a sign from God to pursue the church-planting vision. Knowing that I was coming to Mongolia in July 2008, Y planned to begin the work with me. As we were driving to Jargalant, he asked me to pray that a church would be planted successfully. Upon arrival, we walked around the town, claiming it for God and asking Him to provide us with helpers.

God answered our prayer. The Lord blessed Y and the members of his team, who began their ministry by visiting every house in the town. In this way, Y found the faithful helper whom God had prepared long before Y planned to plant churches in Jargalant.

Shushe, a 67-year-old woman, had met Jesus dramatically 10 years earlier and had devoted her life to serving the Lord. In 1998, Shushe’s doctor determined that she was in the last stage of cancer, with only three weeks to live. She still has the x-ray film that shows a large tumor in her liver.

After the diagnosis Oklo, Shushe’s only daughter among her seven children, tearfully persuaded her to attend an evangelistic crusade. Oklo was then the only Christian in her family, which persecuted her severely for not following Buddha. The Lord heard Oklo’s fervent cry for her mother.

“I felt my whole body become as hot as a fireball,” Shushe told me through an interpreter. “I saw the cloak of Jesus before my eyes, the edge of which I took hold of. At that moment, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior.”

Shushe took her old x-ray film back to the clinic. “Doctor, take another,” she exclaimed. “I am sure I am completely healed.” Concerned for her emotional state, the physician ordered another x-ray and was shocked to find no tumor.

“I cannot believe it. What happened?” the doctor asked.

“Jesus healed me,” Shushe responded. “You must believe in Him, too. He is the real God.”

Shushe dedicated all of her children to the Lord’s work. Oklo, the first Mongolian missionary, has been serving the Lord in a creative-access country for 10 years, and Shushe’s youngest son, Ugi, is serving the Lord in the same nation as his sister. Shushe’s second son is a missionary in another creative-access country. The eldest son and the fourth son are high-ranking officials in the Erdenet police department and faithful members of the Alliance church there.

Shushe is concerned for the salvation of her brothers and sisters. Incredibly, Shushe is the twenty-second child among her mother’s 25 children—and all survived. What a great opportunity for church planting! The only obstacle is the distance. Y will have to drive for five days to get to the town where Shushe’s extended family lives, but he is not deterred. He is planning to take Shushe on an evangelistic visit to her extended family this summer.

Y brought me again to Jargalant on my second trip to Mongolia in September 2012. Shushe took us to a small apartment in which the Jargalant Mission Church meets. It was being renovated by two of Shushe’s sons to accommodate more people. Though it has only 20 members, this church has sent three missionaries overseas.

Joy filled my heart as the Holy Spirit prompted me to lay my hand on Shushe, praying that God would pour on her all the blessings from heaven and use the Jargalant Mission Church mightily as a light for the nations.

Seeing what God has done through Shushe’s faithful service and Y’s courage, I couldn’t stop praising Him.

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