A Trophy of Grace


Early in the fall, Rev. Barnaba Noas came to us for special meetings, and Mrs. Ward and I accompanied him to Kerak. Everything seemed against the meetings, but we went out into the marketplaces inviting people to the meetings, and the very first night the church was full. The Spirit of God increased the conviction nightly until one night as Rev. Barnaba closed his message and threw the meeting open for prayer, one man immediately began, “O Heavenly Father, I am the prodigal son who went away! I am the one who has wasted all his life in worldly pleasures! O God, I have eaten the very husks! Forgive me; I come now to thee!”

Two of the young men who had been saved during our former ministry in Kerak had backslidden, and now the Lord talked to them again. I saw the conviction on their faces and spoke to them nightly until one came for prayer. His sin was anger hidden in the heart, but he confessed it to the one against whom he was angry, grievances were forgiven and the joy of the Lord returned to his heart. The other fought on for a few nights more, but one night he consented to stay to the altar service, during which time he slid to his knees crying out to God for mercy. Every person in the meeting was affected by his prayer, especially when assurance of forgiveness dawned upon his soul and he turned to praise and thanksgiving.

A third young man has suffered for Christ more than the others. His father and brothers openly called him crazy with religion and beat him in a vain endeavor to compel him to abandon it. For a long time he could not attend the meetings except secretly, when he would sit with the girls on the inner courtyard steps. Finally they threatened to drive him from home and inheritance, but the young man was true. He took his few belongings and left the house. The father took down his gun from the cupboard, but the strain was too great. Repenting, he sent after his son, inviting him to return. That return was conditional upon absolute freedom to worship Christ as he desired, and from that time to this he has taken an active part in the meetings. His life is a wonder to all who know him, a trophy to the grace of God.

—Donald Ward, in charge of Madaba, Kerak and Ma’an (Transjordan) Districts. Adapted from Conference Gleanings, October 1936

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