A Well-tended Soul


“What does soul care mean to you?” This was the question as we prepared this issue. For me, soul care means rejecting the destructive lies about God, ourselves, and others that keep us from living out our true identities in Christ. Not the most succinct answer, I realize, but indicative of my journey.

Peter BurgoMy earliest recollection of my relationship with my father was that he just wasn’t around, and when he was, there was no pleasing him. For my entire childhood, his work had him leaving every Monday morning and returning every Friday evening. But that was OK—because when he was home, he was angry and hostile—largely a result of his own dysfunctional upbringing. So my brother and I, unlike our friends, began to dread weekends and looked forward to Mondays. Dad’s presence was more traumatic to us than his absence. Thankfully, in the last years of my father’s life, we reconciled, and God restored our relationship.

While attending a guided spiritual retreat last fall, I came to realize how these past events have influenced many of my thought processes, decisions, and behaviors. I have shied away from God-given opportunities for fear of failure. I have given my children more of what they want rather than what they need for fear of repeating my own father’s mistakes. And most importantly, I have struggled with accepting God’s love, always feeling as though I first need to prove myself worthy through performance and people pleasing. So when God extends a “Mary” invitation, I often give him a “Martha” excuse.

But rather than imprisoning us in past regrets, our redeeming Father gently shepherds us toward what He intended all along: to bask in His love and dwell in His peace. Our part is simply to receive. It involves asking, seeking, and knocking. It involves being still and listening. It involves setting aside the Martha duties and accepting the Mary invitations. This is what soul care means to me.

In this issue you will hear from those who are reclaiming their true identities in Christ. They are rejecting the deceiver’s accusations and embracing the Father’s affirmations. They are walking toward freedom and taking others with them.

Imagine if we saw ourselves and others through the pure lenses of God’s eyes. Imagine the impact we could have if we identified and eliminated the lies that keep us in a perpetual state of spiritual paralysis. Imagine if we took God at His word and trusted Him to work in and through us to do miraculous things. These are the fruits of a well-tended soul.

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Peter Burgo, Editor-in-Chief

What does soul care mean to you?

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