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Our church’s next-door neighbor, Nee, has been on the hearts of our congregation for the last year. The small restaurant she owns is right next to our building, and she has warmly welcomed our presence.

Probably everyone in the church had witnessed to Nee at some point. But it was Noi Na’s consistent testimony and friendship over the past year that sparked Nee’s interest in Christianity and prompted her to ask many questions about the Lord. One evening several months ago, Nee was ready—she prayed to receive Christ as her Savior.

Nee had grown up in poverty and was unable to complete school beyond second grade. Then she helped her relatives with their food stalls and small shops until she married and had her own family. She always told us she could not read. After she became a Christian, her first prayer request was that she would be able to read and understand the Bible. And God answered!

Nee went home that evening with her new Bible and opened it up. She was amazed that she could actually read it. She told us the next day that she had never been able to comprehend written language before. She had often tried over the years, but the words made no sense. Now, she is eagerly studying the Bible with Sue and wants to read everything herself.

It is amazing to see Nee read better each day and understand what she reads. Because Nee doesn’t write, Sue fills in the discipleship book for Nee so she can review the lessons later.

—Ed and Sue Danneker, Thailand

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