Adventures of a Dream Chaser

Jesus comes in the night

By Anonymous

As I began ministry as an international worker in a creative-access country, I thought I was chasing my own God-given dreams: dreams of making a difference in a place where few would go, starting people movements throughout the Muslim world, raising my children to love the Arabs and Berbers when others called them extremists or barbarians. I had dreams of bringing babies into the world in the presence of the Holy Spirit and peace instead of in the presence of demons and paganism.

I was full of dreams, and dreams are good. Most are birthed out of our relationship with God. Adding His “super” to our “natural,” we desire to accomplish great things in serving Him. We need to keep dreaming—but not just with our imaginations. We need to actually seek dreams from God. “In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds, he may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings, to turn them from wrongdoing and keep them from pride, to preserve them from the pit, their lives from perishing by the sword” (Job 33:15–18). In Numbers 12:6 God said, “Listen to my words: ‘When there is a prophet among you, I the Lord, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams.’”

Throughout Scripture we see God speaking in dreams and men of God responding with immediate obedience. In the New Testament context it seems less terrifying and more instructive. All are encouraged to prophesy, and Acts 2:17 states that in the last days we will see an increase in dreams, visions and prophecy. So why would we not expect to experience dreams and visions from God that advance the Kingdom and reveal Jesus?

Though I have had such dreams myself, I first experienced God-dreams in others. A friend with whom I had been sharing the gospel asked me to interpret a dream. In it, a regal, shining man in white with kind and gentle eyes told her all she had ever done, both good and bad. He said He was the only way to paradise and invited her to follow Him. Children who were full of joy surrounded Him, and she felt peace and joy in His presence.

“Who is this man, and how do I follow him?” she asked. Eight years later, she is leading a small group with eight women and still is hearing from God in dreams and visions that bring her encouragement, prophetic words and revelations from Scripture.

Next, I was invited to talk with two girls who had shown an interest in the gospel after an act of kindness had been shown to them by a Christ follower. I asked why they were so open to hearing about something so contrary to their beliefs. They explained that 20 years earlier their mother had had a dream about a tall, blond lady who would bring the truth to them.

This described my teammate perfectly, the one who had shown kindness and introduced them to the gospel. My friend had been a believer for only 12 years and yet God had shown her to the girls’ mother two decades earlier. They believed immediately because of their mother’s dream, but struggled with fear and wouldn’t surrender to Jesus.

After a year of Bible studies and fellowship with other believers, the girls had an encounter with Jesus. While in separate rooms, they each felt Him enter the space, remove their burdens and cleanse the room. All demons left, their fear was gone and they were free to follow Jesus, which they have done for the past seven years. Their mother still has not given her life to Jesus, but we believe that she will.

One day a young man came to our house and asked if we could interpret a dream he had had the night before that involved us. We had helped him in his business and family many times and had shared Jesus with him for years with nothing but arguments in response. However, before the young man appeared at our door that day, God had already used a dream to intervene in his life. The man had been abusive to his believing wife, and in a dream he came home to find her sitting on the couch with Jesus. The husband reacted in a jealous rage and was escorted out of the house by a very large shiny person (an angel) who told him that his wife had chosen the right path and he was not to lay a hand on her again. He obeyed.

With great passion the young husband described his most recent dream. In it, he was sitting in our living room when suddenly a large man in white, whose face was too bright to look at, called him by name: “Mustapha, come here. I have a gift for you.” He responded immediately, surprised that we didn’t seem to notice the glorious visitor. Mustafa jumped up on the couch to look up into the shining face and receive the gift, but just then, his daughter cried and woke him up.

“What was the gift?” he asked in frustration.

“Well, what did it look like?” my husband inquired.

“A box or maybe a book,” the young man responded. We went with the book idea and offered him the Bible he had rejected on many occasions. This time he received it as a gift straight from God Himself.

Those of us who have the Holy Spirit in us, giving us the mind of Christ, not only can experience God in our dreams but also can interpret dreams from God. We need to always do so in light of Scripture and with prayer for understanding and revelation. Isaiah 11:2 says the Spirit of the Lord is the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, of counsel and of might, of the knowledge and the fear of the Lord. This is the Spirit we have indwelling us and going before us, ministering to those we will meet and those to whom we have witnessed.

In our creative-access ministry we often begin conversations with a testimony about a dream from God or a direct question about what dreams God may have given the person we are talking to. We then prayerfully seek to interpret these dreams and encourage people we are talking to with the fact that God loves them so much He has revealed His Son to them and personally invited them to join His family. This method goes straight to the heart and bypasses all human arguments.

God is giving dreams; are we responding? When Peter confessed that Jesus was the Messiah, our Lord replied, “Blessed are you, Simon son of Jonah, for this was not revealed to you by man, but by my Father in heaven” (see Matt. 16:13–17).

God continues to reveal His Son and His love throughout the world in dreams and visions, and we are dream chasers.

The authors are international workers with The Alliance.

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