Alliance Missiology for the Twenty-first Century


The Christian and Missionary Alliance was established in the late nineteenth century, when intercontinental travel was accomplished by steamship, overland journeys were made on foot or horseback and many of the nations chosen to receive Alliance workers were under colonial rule. Although our vision, like that of our founders, remains firmly rooted in the Word, much else in the world has changed. What is our mission philosophy and practice more than a century after our founding?

Essential Convictions

The Bible teaches that the way for humankind to be reconciled to God is through Jesus Christ, the only Savior. Jesus’ mission is carried out in the power of the Holy Spirit. We are therefore Spirit-dependent, Spirit-led and Spirit-driven.

Prayer, our primary work, expresses our complete dependence upon God.

In a world hostile to Jesus, we are ready to suffer and die for Him in carrying out His mission. In so doing, we demonstrate He is worth our all.


Our work outside the United States flows from our local churches. Its strength is proportionate to the spiritual passion these churches have for pursuing God.

Our model for mission is incarnational. We live among the people we serve, building relationships of trust, learning their language and culture.

We provide a witness to the gospel of Jesus our King and His Kingdom as we call people to repentance and faith in Jesus alone for their salvation. We then help them become His fully devoted followers.

We believe that people become fully devoted followers of Jesus in community and that the local church is God’s instrument for changing the world. For this reason, we establish churches—communities of faith related to one another—longing to see them birth other churches in their cultural context and beyond.

We view growing networks of Alliance churches in other nations as being responsible to God and dependent upon Him.

We embrace a willingness to go to neglected and difficult places among the world’s remaining least reached, those with little if any access to the gospel.

Like Jesus, we apply the ethic of God’s Kingdom and the transforming power of the living Christ in holistic ways among the people we serve. As we are His hands to a hurting world, we desire words coupled with action, the proclamation of the gospel linked with good deeds.

Kingdom synergy results when local churches relate to one another in healthy ways, networking and cooperating for Great Commission advance.

We help the churches God births through us to develop missionary passion, moving from being recipients of Christian mission to participants with us in Christian mission. This hastens the completion of the Great Commission.

We are motivated by the fact that Christ will return when we have completed His Great Commission. This gives our Kingdom work a compelling sense of urgency!

International Ministries Statistics*

Number of countries/territories with known C&MA ministries/churches = 81
Countries where C&MA personnel minister/reside = 61
Number of workers under International Ministries = 888**

Churches, unorganized church groups, and preaching points = 14,874
Organized churches = 10,849
Baptized church members = 1,890,437
Inclusive membership = 4,053,435
Ordained national ministers = 6,049
National workers (including ordained) = 23,269

Theological schools (full term) = 118
Enrollment in theological schools = 8,310

*Based on reports as of December 31, 2008.
**This figure reflects U.S. and U.S.-supported international workers as well as partially and fully funded U.S. marketplace and CAMA personnel as of December 31, 2008.

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