In one big Mohammedan town, we went to the weekly bazaar, sold Gospels and gave out hundreds of tracts. A woman who had a vegetable stall wanted to know what was in the books, and we began to tell her what was in the Gospels. A crowd of women gathered to listen.

The din of the bazaar made it impossible to hear, so she said, “Come, let us go to my house, which is not far away, to hear more of this wonderful story.” Giving charge of her vegetable stall to someone else, she led the way to her home. The house was not big enough to accommodate so many, and she had to lock the doors to keep out the crowd.

What a happy time the Bible woman and I had as we told the Gospel story to those eager listeners. The next day we went back, and again a large crowd gathered. During the couple of hours spent there, the women opened up their hearts and told us their trials and heartaches and the darkness of their souls. We taught them to pray in the name of Jesus, and they promised to give up idol worship and turn to the living God.

Anasaya, the vegetable seller, has faithfully kept her promise. A widow, she comes all the way to the mission station to hear more about the Lord. She believes in the Lord Jesus and stands alone in her newfound faith.

—A missionary in India. Adapted from the Alliance Weekly, July 6, 1935.

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