Angels Unaware


It was just a little more than six months ago that I received a call from a fellow Sheriff ’s Office chaplain in Colorado Springs. He mentioned that his 95-year-old mother-in-law, Ruth, was in failing health and that, years ago, she had been a member an Alliance church, so I talked to him about what The Alliance is accomplishing throughout the world and here in the United States.

Three months later, Bob called again to tell me that Ruth was close to meeting her Lord and that he and his wife, Linda, were in Arizona. “Are there any Alliance churches in the Tucson area?” he asked. I gave Bob contact information for the three in Tucson and didn’t think anything else about it. The next day Linda’s mom died.

Bob and Linda went to the closest Alliance church on my list—Alliance Bible Church—and found Pastor Michael Farlin. Pastor Mike offered himself and the facilities of the church for the funeral. Providentially, Ruth had attended the church 20 years earlier. “It wasn’t the first time that I had been approached by family of former church members,” says Pastor Mike. “We had done three memorial services in the past year, so our ability to meet the needs of families had gotten streamlined.”

Alliance Bible Church created a picture DVD of Ruth’s life, participated in the service and provided a meal for the extended family as well. There were three older ladies in the church who remembered Ruth when she attended. They mostly remembered her other daughter, Barbie, who was in need of parental care throughout her life as a special needs child of God. Barbie passed away a number of years earlier, but she and Ruth had been together constantly. And now that is the way they are in heaven!

Bob and Linda were blessed by the compassion and tenderness that Pastor Mike and his congregation had extended to their family.

In her will Ruth had designated money for The Alliance and several other organizations. A few days after Bob and Linda returned to Colorado Springs, they invited me to their home and asked me to bring some proposals of Alliance projects they might be able to fund. Bob told me to think big.

As we talked about the memorial service and the wonderful people of the Alliance Bible Church in Tucson, tears flowed from all of us. Bob and Linda informed me that the bequest to The Alliance was much larger than they had anticipated. In fact, it would be a six-figure gift. As we talked about the opportunities that were available, they could not believe that they would be able to make such a significant impact for Christ around the world.

They also wanted to give something to Pastor Mike and his congregation. “We never thought much about receiving any extra finances from the service,” says Pastor Mike. “We would have done it whether they were able to pay or not. In fact, one of the memorial services earlier in the year involved a neighbor of one of our members who died when her house caught fire. Her family had no funds and even asked to do a car wash in the church parking lot to help pay for the burial. When the Spirit tells you to help, you do so.”

On November 30, 2011, Alliance work around the world and right here in the United States received a significant gift from the estate of Linda’s mom and dad. Lives will be changed forever, darkness will be pushed back and the light of Jesus will shine brightly for years to come because a humble couple had seen the value of investing in The Alliance years earlier. Bob and Linda honored that value and blessed the Alliance Bible Church in Tucson and our family all around the world with their generosity.

“The funds left by Ruth’s estate were a blessing for many, not just the C&MA or Alliance Bible Church,” Pastor Mike points out. “But we are blessed by the love and compassion for God’s people from the family. It has given the entire church a testimony of God’s abundance, stewardship and service to our Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King.”

Pastor Mike and his congregation dropped everything and helped complete strangers in their time of need. Isn’t there a Scripture verse that talks about “entertaining angels unaware”?

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