Are You Putting God in a Box?


When asked if divine healing is for today, most Christians might answer yes without thinking twice. But if asked whether divine healing was for them, the response might be no, maybe or could be. Are we putting God in a box?

My own experience with divine healing began when I was a student at Alliance Theological Seminary. My ambition was to enter the army chaplaincy, which I eventually did, but I wanted to get a jump start by enlisting in the Army Reserves. I signed the papers but then failed the physical. Three doctors who examined me said that I had a strangled hernia that needed to be surgically repaired or gangrene would occur.

Like many seminary students, I was poor of pocket but strong in faith. I had devotions every evening before I went to sleep, and that night I went to the Lord with greater urgency. I believed that He could heal me if He wanted to, so I got on my knees, read a lot of Scripture and prayed the following: “Lord Jesus, HELP!

“You know I cannot afford health insurance, much less an operation. I need your divine healing power to work in my body, or I’ll be coming home sooner than later. You know that I believe You can heal me, Lord. Just say the words.”

I got off my knees, put my Bible away and went to sleep. The next morning, to my surprise, nothing had happened! The hernia was still there. I did not give up. I continued my healing request every evening for almost three weeks.

Then one evening it happened. I finished my devotions about midnight and got into bed. I was lying on my side with my head propped up on my right arm when suddenly it was like the hand of the Holy Spirit extended from the center of my chest to the hernia. The lump began to quiver, and in an instant, everything was pulled back into place. The lump was gone! I praised my loving Lord Jesus and fell fast asleep. The next morning I told my friend Steve, who occupied the room next to mine, because he knew of my condition. He too saw that the Lord chose to heal. I also went back to the same three doctors, and they could not find the hernia nor any scar from an operation. Praise the Lord!

Are you putting God in a box? I did not get anointed with oil because I wanted to keep my condition as private as possible, but I am grateful for the Lord’s mercy. He heard my pleas of faith, for which I am forever grateful.

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