Bad News, Fake News, Good News


In recent years I’ve adopted the nightly habit of checking news sites to find out what happened in the world that day. Admittedly, not the best sleep remedy. I might as well down three double espressos before bed.

Realizing that media consumers have reached our capacity for bad news, agenda-promoting pundits and social media outlets now offer a more palatable alternative: fake news. This concoction mixes one part fact (at most) with five parts fiction—a less bitter elixir than undiluted reality. Add a pinch of conspiracy and a twist of entertainment, and the potion goes from tolerable to enticing. As we sip, we begin to question what we know to be true and consider what we once believed to be fallacious.

And so begins the cycle of distraction that diverts our focus from the Father’s purposes, plans, and promises to our own doubts, desires, and fears. We set aside our God-birthed passion, launch our head-in-the-sand campaigns of comfort and self-preservation, and lose sight of the reality that the current version of planet earth is not our true home.

Church, this is not how we’ve been called to respond to the fallenness of humankind—and it’s no way to live! We were purchased at a great price. We are no longer orphans. We are cherished, watched over, and provided for. We are anointed, appointed, and empowered to help liberate others from the curse that plagues creation. We are neither harbingers of doom nor purveyors of deceit. We are the good news people.

So I ask: Which of the following headlines will define you today and help you sleep more soundly tonight?

  • Former Russian Leader: The World is Preparing for War
  • Experts: Solar Panels Draining Sun of Its Energy
  • Jesus: Take Heart, for I Have Overcome the World

As you read on, be reminded of how resolute our Redeemer is in lifting people from the mire of sin and suffering onto the firm ground of His love and care—and how elated He is when we crouch beside Him, roll up our sleeves, and dirty our hands in the rescue.

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Peter Burgo, Editor-in-Chief

3 responses to Bad News, Fake News, Good News

  1. This write up is important for us all so we will not be distracted from our focus. Am blessed by it.

  2. Jesus IS Victor…..and ultimately in charge!! Praise God for His faithfulness.

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