Be Faithful In Prayer . . .

Adapted from The Alliance Weekly, November 7, 1951


During our absence . . . the Lord used 20 Bible school students to lead some 220 tribespeople to Him. Most of these are in eight new villages, where we have not heretofore had any Christians.

Realizing the importance of starting the first term of the Bible school as soon as possible, we left off settling in our new house and began immediate preparation for the school. It was a blessing and a thrill to teach those young tribesmen. They were anxious to learn, and at the rate they absorbed the material in the first six-week term, we expect they will easily cover in the three six-week terms all the material taught in the first year at Luang Prabang School. . . .

In September we baptized 120 believers. Except for about 15 minutes of rest, Nai Saly [a national pastor] and I stayed in the water for two and a half hours. When asked after the service if his arms were tired, Nai Saly answered, “I have been waiting for 20 years to witness something like this.” . . .

About a month ago, a young Méo tribesman came to the house and asked for some literature “about Jesus” and for prayer that he and his village may soon be able to accept Christ. Upon inquiry, I learned that his village is a tribal center about 60 kilometers from Xieng Khouang and can be reached by jeep. Not only his village of 20 houses, but many of the surrounding villages want to become Christians. We have no Christians in that area, but we trust someday to open a station in that section. . . .

Be faithful in prayer. If this support should slacken, I fear it would be disastrous to the work here. Since we are far undermanned, we realize that it is only the Spirit of God who is keeping these newborn babes steady until we can get workers out to instruct them. Satan is doing his utmost to take advantage of this opportunity.

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