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Dear Co-laborer for Christ,

The Board of Directors of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) met October 24–25, 2018. The meeting was held at Shell Point Retirement Community in Fort Myers, Florida. We must acknowledge the gracious hospitality displayed at every level by President Martin Schappell and the Shell Point staff, for which we are very grateful. The facilities, service, food, accommodations, transportation—everything was excellent.

On Tuesday, the day before the Board meeting, the Board’s Higher Education Review Committee met with President Norman D. Hall from Simpson University, President Robert M. Myers from Toccoa Falls College, President Michael G. Scales together with David Jennings, David Turk, and Jeff Quinn from Nyack College/ATS, and President D. Joel Wiggins from Crown College. These meetings are scheduled the day before the meeting to allow committee members to dedicate a full day to discussing matters relevant to each institution and then report back to the full Board of Directors.

The Board meeting started on Wednesday with Rev. Andrew H. Hawkins of The Village Church at Shell Point leading a devotional time based on chapter two of the Book of Jeremiah in which Jeremiah points out the foolishness of pursuing other sources of blessing. Pastor Hawkins poignantly reminded us that Jesus is our all in all and the One who builds His Church.

The following summarizes the Board proceedings to the extent allowed by the duty of confidentiality owed on various issues.

In addition to housekeeping items such as approving the agenda and minutes of prior meetings, electing several Board committees, and revisions to corporate documents, the Board received executive reports and referred them to the appropriate committees. In comparison, the meeting seemed to be low on action items and allowed for much deliberation on different topics and interspersed times of worship as there was a piano available in the meeting room, and Kelvin L. Walker was asked to lead us at various times.

The Board received the Higher Education Review Committee Report, generally recognizing positive developments and optimistic projections at these supporting organizations. The Nyack College/ATS situation was a little more dynamic, and the Board agreed to hear directly from the Nyack team attending the meeting.

The Board welcomed Norman D. Hall, the newly appointed president of Simpson University, and heard from him regarding the path God used to bring him to his current position at Simpson and his heartfelt convictions regarding his mission.

The Board met with President Michael G. Scales together with David Jennings, David Turk, and Jeff Quinn of Nyack College/ATS and was updated on plans for repositioning Nyack to have an even greater impact taking the gospel to the nations. The transition is in a dynamic stage with changes occurring quickly, and Nyack will (by the time this letter is out) release updated information regarding the transition.

John Stumbo presented the President’s Report, welcoming Timothy G. Meier as vice president for Development, and generally expressing his enthusiasm with the way the leadership team was coming together and interacting. Further fueling this enthusiasm was the higher than usual number of candidates awaiting appointment to the mission field.

After the lunch break, the Board toured the Shell Point facilities, followed by committee meetings to consider the reports submitted to each committee.

Wednesday evening, the Praise and Prayer Event was live-streamed from The Village Church with its 85-voice choir and wonderful accompaniment of trumpets, trombones, tuba, tympani, and organ. The evening featured favorites such as “All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name,” “To Be God’s People,” and “Have You Not Known?” We were truly blessed in every way.

On Thursday morning, the devotional time was led by David L. Bishop, a lay Board member, who after claiming he was not a preacher, preached compellingly on the importance of small and simple acts of obedience. He used various stories and anecdotes involving Alliance workers to impress upon us the wonderful and significant things God can bring forth out of our obedience. All of his words were energized by his optimism regarding the current state of affairs at the C&MA and his appreciation for Christian workers who finish well. It was very inspiring.

The Board received further presentations and committee reports with much discussion but few action items. Always worth mentioning was the consideration and joyful appointment of 10 couples and two individuals to the mission field, followed by prayer for each one.

Proposed re-wording and amendments to the C&MA’s Statement of Faith and Statement on Sexuality were thoughtfully discussed as well as correspondence received on the topic of women in ministry in the C&MA.

The meeting ended with a time of worship and prayer.

In Christ’s love,

Steven C. Lausell

Corporate Secretary

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