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Dear Co-Laborer for Christ,

The Board of Directors of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) met at the National Office in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on February 24–25, 2016. The Board reviewed numerous reports and acted on certain recommendations.

As I sit down to summarize the proceedings of the recent Board of Directors meeting, I cannot help but blurt out that the meeting was permeated by the presence of the Holy Spirit. All who spoke acknowledged His presence, and there was a shared perception that this was a significantly different meeting.

Together we wondered whether our denomination had grieved the Holy Spirit in recent decades. Could it be that while properly rejecting a doctrine of “evidence” of the Holy Spirit, in practice we had strayed too far from Him? More recently, could it be that in rejecting manifestations of the Holy Spirit in our churches we had missed out on His power and guidance? Have we been blessed by our celebration of Christmas and Easter and at the same time missed out on something by not celebrating Pentecost?

Regardless of how we might answer these questions, there was a definite conviction at the meeting that the Holy Spirit wants to bring an awakening to His presence and a renewal of the power that only His presence can bring. Most, if not all, of the thoughts shared and issues dwelled upon by the Board members relate directly to the transformation required to really become a Christ-centered, Acts 1:8 family. Therefore, paraphrasing Paul’s words to the Ephesians, from now until the close of Council on Pentecost Sunday in 2017, would we all . . .

. . . pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert to what the Holy Spirit is doing among us and always keep on praying for all of the Lord’s people. Pray also that we always speak from the foundation of our LOVE and that the right words may be given to us as we courageously PROCLAIM the mystery of the gospel, for which we are ambassadors in chains as we strive to REACH all the overlooked and ignored peoples of the world. Pray that we may LAUNCH many to declare the gospel fearlessly, as well we should. Amen.

On the business side of the meeting, the following summarizes the salient points of the Board proceedings to the extent allowed by the duties of confidentiality owed on various issues.

The Board received and adopted reports from its Executive Committee, Committee on Church Ministries, Committee on Operations/Finance, Committee on Development, and Committee on International Ministries. The major topics of discussion were as follows:

Executive Committee:

  • February 2017 Invitation: The district superintendents and association presidents will be invited to join the Board of Directors at its February 2017 meeting in Colorado.
  • Criteria for amicus brief participation was adopted. Generally, the C&MA will favor signing amicus briefs at the Federal Court of Appeals or Supreme Court level.
  • College Reports to the Board: Detailed reports that are requested from the colleges were updated and will now include confirmation that all faculty and administration have signed adherence to the C&MA Statement of Faith, Statement on Sanctity of Life, Statement on Destiny of Those Who Have Never Heard, and Statement on Human Sexuality.
  • Sensitive Issues Consultative Group (SICG): Three members were reappointed to the SICG for a two-year term: John A. Thomas (chairperson), Joy E. Corby, and Patricia A. Hendrix.
  • C&MA Benefit Board: Kathleen E. Eikost, an international worker in Bosnia Herzegovina, was appointed to the C&MA Benefit Board for a one-year term from June 2016 through May 2017.
  • C&MA Manual: Several revisions to the C&MA Manual were proposed and adopted. Many of those will be brought to General Council 2017 for approval. Two changes to be implemented at this time include: (1) Article V, paragraph J2, Retired Workers, in the Uniform Policy on Licensing and Certification (page E3-12), and (2) the paragraph on Developing Churches in the Policy for Qualifying as an Accredited Church (page E12-1).

Committee on Church Ministries (Vice President Daniel R. Wetzel):

  • Central and Western Pennsylvania Districts: The vice president for Church Ministries was authorized to appoint the incumbent district superintendent in each of the Central and Western Pennsylvania Districts as an interim until the superintendent-elect can assume office as indicated by the Uniform Constitution.
  • CM Handbook Revisions: The Ministry Description for District Superintendents (CM Handbook, pages 45–48) and the Guidelines for District Search Committees for Office of District Superintendent (CM Handbook, pages 17–34) were amended to add the following qualification: “Candidates for the office of district superintendent must have at least seven consecutive years’ experience in ordained ministry with The Christian and Missionary Alliance, immediately preceding his nomination.”
  • Diversity: To provide greater opportunity for diversity in the National Office, an intentional practice was adopted to approach and interview at least one minority or female candidate with potential for filling open leadership positions.

Committee on Operations/Finance (Vice President Kenneth E. Baldes):

  • Budget: A revised budget of $43,812,000 for the 2016–2017 fiscal year was approved, including a decrease of $688,000 from the budget approved at Council 2015. The decrease is due to lower than expected revenues in the current fiscal year, but the budget does assign funding for 10 additional international workers.
  • The C&MA Health Plan continued having a difficult year to the very end of 2015. Changes have been implemented for 2016, and Operations/Finance will have to continue monitoring the situation closely.

Committee on International Ministries (Vice President Timothy D. Crouch):

  • Thirteen international worker appointments were approved for service with The Alliance. The Board rejoices with the new workers that God has called and for the faithful prayers and financial contributions of the Alliance family allowing us to send them.
  • IM Handbook Revision: One section will be revised in the IM Handbook: section G, Service Increments Program, C, 7b. The new paragraph will read: “Increment amounts are based on the adult home assignment compensation rate and granted on a graduated three-year scale following the first five years of service, up to 30 years of service.” This update will be made soon and is available online under Resources/Publications. This revision is made in a continuing effort by International Ministries to be responsive to the needs of our international worker team.

The Board also heard reports from The Alliance Development Fund, The Orchard Foundation, and CAMA. Elections were held to fill vacant Board positions for these organizations. The reports received indicate that all is well with these organizations at which the C&MA is blessed to have such dedicated and proficient leaders who effectively interweave their ministry and business efforts.

In addition to our reflections on the Holy Spirit’s work among us and inspiring morning devotions led by Thomas George and Jessie Ritchey, the meeting was interspersed with times of prayer. We only hope that the sense of expectation shared by Board members as to what God is going to do next spreads throughout our districts and churches.

In Christ’s love,

Steven C. Lausell
Corporate Secretary

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  1. Even as I read this board summary – I sensed the presence of the Holy Spirit. As A.B. Simpson said, “Back to Pentecost!” Thankfully, the Comforter manifests Himself as He wills – but we must answer the question asked of those believers in Acts 19: “Have you received the Holy Spirit since you’ve believed?” (I thought of that as well when reading the reflections on Dr. Rambo’s life. Impressed within my mind and spirit, is a Council message where he asked that same question.) What thrust the early C&MA into ministering Jesus Himself to the masses – was the definite reception of the infilling/baptism of the Holy Ghost whereby Christ in all His fullness became the Sanctifier. May it be so today throughout the movement. Back to Pentecost!..

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