Caring in Chaos

God works through Alliance international workers to expand His gospel


Caring in chaos is who we are as The Alliance. This is not a new response because of a novel virus. The work of the Church does not stop. In fact, as one U.S. Alliance pastor says, “the Church was made for times such as this . . . to be resilient, responsive, rising above the chaos of the world, to speak into it—to be light in darkness and courage in fear.”

From natural disasters to the Ebola outbreak, the Alliance family has moved through homes and towns and communities across the world, caring for people in crisis and introducing them to the One who offers true hope for this life and eternity. Caring is what we do, and that’s what the Alliance family is going to keep on doing.

In the midst of this worldwide crisis, Alliance workers remain present on their fields, bringing the gospel of peace in the midst of global anxiety. Below is a handful of stories of how God is at work through our IWs as the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus to a fear-filled, gospel-lacking world.

Feeding Families

The people in our area live on very little and do not have surplus income to stock up on food for two weeks. Our team is distributing food and supplies to 100 families in need whom we know through our projects. We feel honored that you have sent us here to be on this team at this time. We have not lost sight of our purpose in the midst of this pandemic—our work is not “on pause.” Rather, we see this for what it is—an opportunity to have a meaningful, impactful presence in our community so that His name might be glorified among the people.

from Alliance international workers
serving in a creative-access location

Putting Prayer First

While I love teaching and hate to fall behind in my classes, I am thankful for the time to help others. I was able to help a returning colleague register for an internet connection and another family with an evacuation, due to health concerns.

When I feel frustrated that I am unable to do more, I am reminded of my Father’s word, “Andrew, the most important thing is to pray for the people to whom I have called you.”

from an Alliance international worker
serving in West Africa

Growing Demand

We are learning that the training team in our country is receiving invitations from different groups and campuses to train them on our small group materials. Demand for video-driven materials is growing not only due to persecution but even more so because of coronavirus. Through all of this we are forced to focus even more on the task God has for us.

Ministries need to be equipped with online shepherding skills as a norm—not just for times of crisis but also as an extension of their care. We are looking to position our app to serve as a tool for global missions and discipleship connections in the near future. 

from an Alliance international worker couple
serving in a creative-access location


We have more than 50 groups meeting via the internet—praying, studying the Bible, witnessing, praising, and worshiping. Church group leaders and deacons hold online meetings about twice a week. It’s bringing us closer than ever. We also pray with ministries across the city twice a week. That’s far more frequent than normal. The epidemic hasn’t cut down our meetings; it’s the opposite. The virus can’t stop us!

from a church leader in the north and central Asia region

Expanded Reach

Our public church attendance has been about 25. However, at our prayer meeting via Facebook Live one Friday, we reached 1,185 people. That Sunday we did a Facebook Live service and reached 858 people.

Our prayer is to see the situation from God’s point of view and be useful instruments during this time.  

from Diego and Ida Arias, Alliance international
workers serving in Puerto Rico

Back to the Basics

Suddenly all of the fancy, well-planned programs and events have come to a screeching halt. The only thing we are able to do are one-on-one discussions, prayer, and discipleship. Simply put, back to the basics.  

Never before have we spent so much time contacting individuals to ask if they need anything. It may seem odd, but I appreciate this virus for all the new opportunities it has brought us.

from an Alliance international worker
serving in the Middle East

Not On Pause!

Life and ministry here in Spain, as everywhere, has been co-opted to some degree by COVID-19. Fortunately, communicating, caring, discipling, and creating hope can still be done well through the internet. We are not on pause! Confinement has opened the door for most of us to reach out to elderly neighbors. Pray for your international workers in Spain who communicate continuously with their economically vulnerable friends and neighbors who are immigrants. They are the most anxious but also the most receptive to consolation and Christian hope. 

from Tim Westergren, field director in Spain

Behind the Scenes

A few months ago—before any of this took place—the C&MA church launched a media team. The day before the country shut down all the schools, I recorded a video with one of the doctors on our team on facts about the virus, how to protect ourselves from spreading it, and how we as Christians can find hope and purpose in the midst of this crisis. There wasn’t much information being posted in the Cambodian language at the time. The video quickly spread to more than 10,000 views in two weeks. God was working behind the scenes to prepare us for such a time as this!

from Catie Kerr, an Alliance international
worker in Cambodia

The Harvest is White

In the midst of grasping for new routines, in a place where the ground has been so hard for so long, new life is sprouting up! As IWs connected with people across the country using technology, there have been deep
connections and inner healings, and two people have prayed over the phone to give their lives to Jesus!

A few Alliance pastors told us they are seeing people take ownership of their faith like never before. Instead of
pinning all hopes of Kingdom advancement on a church service or a pastoral visit, people are living out their faith
in their neighborhoods and families. The harvest is white in Uruguay!

from Timbrel Hull, an Alliance international
worker serving in Uruguay

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