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Aymard worked as an armed security guard at a sugar plantation here in the Republic of the Congo. He was an egotistical man, proud of his intelligence and athletic prowess. He always demanded his rights, took revenge when wronged and mocked other young men who were not like him. But that all changed when Aymard and three coworkers were imprisoned for shooting and killing their boss in a hot discussion over wages. Aymard’s relatives, ashamed that he was part of their family, said that he was stupid and worthless. All of Aymard’s dreams of a future with money, success and power were gone.

While incarcerated, Aymard saw many young men claim that when they were released, they would change their lives—but again and again they returned. Aymard began appreciating some of the other prisoners who didn’t demand their rights, who forgave when they were taken advantage of and who spoke words of kindness instead of malice. He noticed that all these young men were interested in the Bible and talked about Jesus. A crippled prisoner named Aimé was doing a Bible correspondence course through the C&MA Bookstore. He befriended Aymard and told him about the Lord. Aymard found Christ through these born-again men in prison.

After he got out, Aymard joined the Theological Education by Extension (TEE) class made up of released inmates at the C&MA headquarters in Brazzaville. During one of the TEE courses on evangelism, students are instructed to choose someone to pray for faithfully and to share the gospel with when the Lord gives an opportunity. Aymard chose his wife, Geraldine, to be that person. The Lord in His grace opened her heart to the gospel, and she received Christ through the testimony of her husband. Aymard and Geraldine are now a part of the Alliance church in the neighborhood of Kinsoundi. He was baptized in September.

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