Christ Our Coming Lord


By the doctrine of the Lord’s personal coming we do not mean that any of us can set the day or prophesy the times and seasons which the Father hath kept in His own power. We may approximate periods of prophetic fulfilment, but we shall be kept watching in the deepest humility until the very end.

This blessed hope is indeed a mighty spiritual force leading us to lives of holiness and watchfulness and especially to earnestness and faithfulness in helping to send the gospel as a witness to all our race. For, “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness unto all nations, and then shall the end come.”

Is not this a simple, a scriptural, and a glorious gospel, as broad in its scope as it is deep and high in our personal experience? Every section of the great circle needs every other. Every part is strengthened by the whole. The gospel of salvation is but one chord in the heavenly music. Christ our Sanctifier makes a fuller harmony. Christ our Healer adds a still richer chord, and finally Christ our Coming Lord swells the harmony until it mingles with the everlasting chorus which they sing around the throne.

The Church needs this larger gospel today as an antidote to error, a remedy for failure, an answer to the cry of every human heart, and an inspiration to the loftiest faith and hope and love. Shall we take it for ourselves and then shall we give it as our holy trust to all within our reach and thus prove that it is indeed the whole gospel for the whole man and the whole world?

Be diligent. There is much to do. You can “hasten the coming of the day of God.” The world is to be forewarned. The Church is to be prepared. Arouse thee, 0 Christian. Give Him every power, every faculty, every dollar, every moment. Send the gospel abroad. It is the time of preparation for the coming of our Lord.

—A. B. Simpson

Adapted from “The Fourfold Gospel of the Fulness of Jesus.”
The Alliance Weekly, December 20, 1919.

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