Compelling Love


Compassion happens here. It is done in out-of-the-way places by virtually unknown people, such as Ignacio Lopez.

Ignacio and his wife run a small cafeteria in the market section of San Lorenzo, Paraguay. Occasionally, children will come to beg for food. Rather than just give them a handout, Ignacio has them sweep or clear the tables to earn the food. Then he serves them a nice meal.

Limpia began going to the cafeteria regularly. Ignacio found out she was not in school and offered to have her live with his family. She could help out part-time at the business and go to school.

Limpia finished her minimum educational requirement and now goes to beauty school. She also started going to church. After completing her new believer’s class, Limpia was baptized. She is now 16 and teaches Sunday school to the preschoolers. The entire direction of Limpia’s life was changed by Ignacio’s kindness.

Compassion starts with lives transformed by the power of the gospel. When Ignacio was baptized, he was overcome with a debt of gratitude for all that Christ has done for him. Christ’s love compels him to love others.

Ignacio can’t help everyone, but he can make a real impact on society one life at a time. Eventually he took in Limpia’s little sister, Belen, and her cousin, Andrea. Ignacio has provided a home for approximately five children in the seven years we have known him.

Ignacio and his daughter Nancy are being put through seminary by Great Commission Funds. Offerings to Paraguay help provide dental care and school supplies for the children Ignacio and his wife have taken into their home. “He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward him for what he has done” (Prov. 19:17).

—Brenda Boston, Paraguay

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