Delivered. We don’t use this word anymore because it conjures up visions of wild exorcism ceremonies. But it’s the right word for what happened to 11-year-old Georgette*. Late last year, she suddenly fell into a stupor. Her parents rushed her to the hospital in their town, but because she had no fever, had not been injured and was acting strangely, the medical staff decided the cause of her condition was sorcery. The next morning she was still dazed and unable to speak or eat, but she could walk.

Her father, a policeman, asked his boss for time off. The police chief, a Christian led to the Lord several years ago by our hospital chaplain, urged Georgette’s father not to go to the local traditional healer but to take Georgette to Bongolo Hospital.

When Georgette and her father arrived at our emergency room, Georgette shuffled inside like a zombie. After examining her, one of our doctors concluded that Georgette did not have a medical problem, and called Pastor Pascal. The chaplain invited Georgette and her father into his office.

After prayer, Pascal asked Georgette what happened. She seemed to hear but looked at him without responding. Pascal opened his Bible and read a passage from the Book of Acts about the power of Christ to save us completely from sin. The girl suddenly let out a shriek so loud that her father jumped to his feet. Pascal spoke sharply to what he knew was an evil spirit controlling her, commanding it to release her and be silent. Georgette’s position changed, and she blinked several times. Pascal again asked her what had happened.

She replied, “I can’t talk with that man here.”

The only two men in the room were Pascal and her father, but she was staring with fear at an empty chair in the corner. Pascal turned to the chair and asked Georgette, “That man there?” She nodded.

Pascal looked steadfastly at the empty chair and said, “You there, in the name of Jesus Christ, get out of my office.” Georgette’s father watched in astonishment as his daughter’s eyes followed an invisible person across the room and through the door. A moment later, she relaxed, the look of fear gone.

Pascal again read the passage from Acts, and this time Georgette said, “Amen!” He then explained the gospel to her and asked her if she wanted to invite Jesus into her heart. She agreed without hesitation and, guided by Pascal, prayed a simple prayer of faith.

Afterward, it was like a dam had broken, and Georgette talked nonstop! She explained that the previous day, she had been sitting in her room when suddenly a heavy darkness came over her. Although she could hear, she couldn’t see anything, couldn’t cry for help and couldn’t move. It was as if she had been pushed into a dark hole. She was terrified.

In the morning she was able to see and move, but her limbs were heavy and it took great effort to stand up and walk. That was when she saw “the man.” He was big, mean and ugly and followed her everywhere. He threatened Georgette if she did not do what he told her.

Pascal spent an hour explaining from Scripture about what had happened. He asked Georgette’s father if he wanted to receive Christ into his life, and somewhat dazed, her dad replied, “Almost. I am very close.”

Before they left, Pascal asked Georgette, “Now, did I touch you?” She shook her head. “Did I shout to make the man leave?” She shook her head again. “What did I do?”
“You just ordered him to leave in the name of Jesus,” she said.

“That’s what you must do if you see that man again,” Pascal told her. “It was Jesus who delivered you from this evil spirit. From now on you need to stay close to Jesus and not be afraid.”

Georgette left smiling, holding her father’s hand.

In Acts 5:16, we read that after the Holy Spirit filled the disciples. “Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick and those tormented by evil spirits, and all of them were healed.” The same Holy Spirit is with us today!

*Name changed to protect identity.

Within the last year, more than 1,000 people prayed to receive Christ at Bongolo Hospital. If you have given for our support or for our ministries, have prayed faithfully for us, or have come on short-term missions to work alongside us, you have partnered with us and with God to bring these people into His Kingdom. Thanks be to God!

You may contribute to Bongolo Hospital online at legacy.cmalliance.org/give, or by calling toll-free (U.S. only): (866) 443-8262.

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