Embracing the Sacred Space



by Kelvin Walker, Metro District superintendent and corporate vice president

The Alliance is still a deeper life and missions movement. It was out of that sacred place of abiding with Him, dwelling in His presence, and being filled anew and afresh that our mandate for missions was birthed. It is out of that same place of abiding with Him and dwelling in His presence that our mandate for this appointed time in history—our mandate for missions— continues. The deeper life and missions go hand-in- hand. However, it is the deeper life that births mission.

I saw God do many things at Council this year—too many to go into this short space. However, the most powerful thing I saw was God confirming why The Alliance is a “continuationist” movement when it comes to the Person, work, and power of the Holy Spirit. Every way that we see the Spirit at work and operating in the Scriptures still happens today. Every gift in the New Testament is available and in operation today. All of the power, work, and outpouring of the Holy Spirit is still available to us today.

One of the most powerful ways I saw this was on the night we prayed for healing. The power of the Holy Spirit was present for healing in an incredible way. Many people experienced physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. I am looking forward to hearing more testimonies of what God did that evening.

President John Stumbo often says that he believes The Alliance has been raised up to be one of God’s “end times” movements to proclaim the gospel to every people, tribe, nation, and language. It is from a place of loving, proclaim- ing, reaching, and launching that will accomplish The Alliance’s vision of All of Jesus for All the World. This vision clearly takes all of us and will be accomplished only by embracing the deeper life. As Pastor Spencer Sweeting put it, “All of Jesus for All the World takes all of Jesus in all of us.”


On Wednesday evening, Ted and Sandy Kang led the Council audience in a time of healing prayer. Anointing oil was set out on tables throughout

the room, and people prayed for the sick around them. Many were healed during this time, including a teenage boy, Ben*, who had been wheelchair bound for many years due to pain in his legs and feet. He had also struggled with depression because of his condition. Rachel Kim, a member of the Alliance Donor Engagement team, was able to pray over him with his family and Sam Park, an Alliance pastor in New York. They all surrounded him, putting their hands on his feet, legs, and shoulders. When Rachel put her hands on Ben’s shoulders to pray, she began to weep, her body physically shaking, because she felt his pain.

Each of them took turns to pray, and Sam asked Ben if he felt anything shift. Nothing had changed, so Sam put oil on Ben’s knees and they all prayed again. Eventually, Sam asked him to stand, and when Ben stood, he covered his mouth in shock. Sam said, “I’ll never forget the look of shock and tears of joy.” He had been healed. Later in the service, Ben was up front dancing during worship!

Praise God for the miracles He performs and the ways He provides for His children!


The National Office digital team was also encouraging the online audience to share what they needed healing for so they could all pray for each other. One man felt led to pray for his wife, who suffered from chronic

pain and was serving at their church during the time of prayer. When she returned home, she told him that she couldn’t explain it, but she felt a touch from the Lord and her pain subsided completely.


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