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Japan is known for resisting the gospel. Less than half of 1 percent of the more than 1.27 million people are Christian, making the Japanese one of the largest unreached people groups in the world. Humanly speaking, our team of international workers faces a daunting task, yet God is using The Alliance in Japan to proclaim the gospel.

In recent months, He has used David and Evangeline Kindervater to bring two women to faith. After an absence from church, Mrs. N started to attend worship services again. One Sunday she heard David’s message about how to be born again. After the service, she went through a booklet with Evangeline and gave her heart to God. Another young mom began attending Crossroad Chapel’s worship service. One week she was visibly moved by a message about the cross and confessed her faith in Jesus.

God has given freedom and boldness to Stephen Woerner, Pastor Arthur of Shibuya Alliance Church, and others to stand at busy downtown intersections with a sign that says, “Free Prayers.” They pray with people who approach them. They even give free hugs! God is using this team to proclaim the gospel to the many Japanese who need a spiritual touch from Him.

As a college student, Toshi was known for his heavy drinking and pursuit of women. One night, as Toshi walked in a dangerous part of downtown, he picked up a book lying on the street. He was drunk and thought it was a “manga” or Japanese comic book. When he took a closer look, he discovered it was a New Testament.

Toshi started to read God’s Word. The stories seemed like science fiction to him. Working down the street from Kawaguchi Alliance Church, he stepped into the church one day and met Pastor Kouichi and his wife, Kelly. Soon after, he began to study the Bible with Pastor Kouichi, and the power of the written Word convicted him of how lost he was and how he needed a Savior. He was baptized several months later. Toshi never tires of telling others how amazed he is that God would choose him.

Pastor Kang, who has served faithfully with The Alliance for more than 25 years, began a reading group of Ayako Miura’s books at his church. Miura is a well-known Christian author. Mr. T, a retired white-collar worker in his mid-70s, started to attend this group, and his interest in Christianity grew. At his baptism last summer, his Christian wife gave testimony to how she had prayed for his salvation for 24 years. She exclaimed that it didn’t take God as long as she thought it would! This man, who had threatened to divorce his wife if she got baptized, took that very step in obedience to Christ.

Proclaiming the gospel to the lost in Japan and seeing God change lives are at the core of who we are. Thank you for giving.

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