Great Commission Sunday 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

By Anonymous

1) What is Great Commission Sunday?

Great Commission (GC) Sunday is a celebration of what God is doing through the worldwide work of The Alliance. The practice of giving sacrificially to build Christ’s Kingdom—in times of abundance and of scarcity—has been an Alliance distinctive from the very beginning. GC Sunday is an opportunity for the U.S. Alliance family to express its commitment to pushing back the darkness in the remaining unreached parts of our world.

2) What is meant by “pushing back the darkness,” and how will GC Sunday help accomplish this?

Pushing back the darkness is a term recently adopted by The Alliance to describe our strategy for the final chapter of world evangelization. It refers specifically to taking the light of Christ to countries with little or no access to the gospel. A portion of the funds received from the 2011 GC Sunday offering will be used to send Alliance workers to places like North Africa and North and Central Asia, where less than 1 percent of the population has heard the liberating truth of salvation through Jesus Christ.

3) I regularly support Alliance missions. Why should I participate in GC Sunday?

On behalf of the thousands of Alliance workers and churches throughout the world, thank you for your faithful giving! You are making a powerful difference in people’s lives. GC Sunday challenges us to come together as the Alliance family to help initiate something that will change the face of our world for eternity. It’s an opportunity not only for those who have long supported Alliance work but also for those who may not yet have been challenged to help build Christ’s Kingdom here in the United States and half a world away.

4) What if my church recently held its Missions Conference? Do I still need to participate?

GC Sunday complements your church’s Missions Conference. It demonstrates the Alliance commitment to make the gospel accessible to all people. In North Africa and North and Central Asia, access to the gospel is hard to find. A person can travel for weeks—even months—and never see a church or meet a believer. By participating in GC Sunday 2011, church members will maintain their “Missions Conference momentum” by helping to bring the Bread of Life to those living in spiritual poverty.

5) What about Alliance work in other parts of the world? Is it on the decline?

Not at all! Alliance workers and churches in Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia and the United States continue to “push back the darkness” in urban centers, rural areas and well beyond their own borders. In these regions, the Church has been established and continues to grow and mature—all because, years ago, the Alliance family sent and supported pioneer workers who answered the call to take Christ deep into these spiritually uncharted territories. Today, North Africa and North and Central Asia are among the new frontiers for the gospel.

6) What are the C&MA’s current financial realities and how could GC Sunday impact them?

Since July 2010, we have struggled to meet our reduced budget. Great Commission Fund (GCF) revenues from churches have declined by nearly $1.6 million during the first eight months of the fiscal year compared with the same period in fiscal year 2009. We are currently projecting a GCF shortfall of more than $1.3 million.

Because we are committed to meeting our current ministry objectives, the “first fruits” of the GC Sunday offering will be applied to the current shortfall. The National Office and field teams continue to work feverishly to reduce operating expenses wherever possible. Once our current ministry funding obligations are met, the remaining funds will be used to push back the darkness in some of the most spiritually desolate countries in our world, including parts of our own.

Please use the enclosed envelope for your GC Sunday Gift, or participate through you local Alliance church.


For additional information, please e-mail [email protected] or call (719) 265-2171.

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