Great Power and Blessing


Commencing on Sabbath, July 31, the meeting at Old Orchard this summer extended over the following Sabbath and closed at noon on Tuesday, August 9. The attendance this year was much larger than usual. At several of the day meetings in the Ampitheatre, it exceeded 2,000, and on the second Sabbath morning and afternoon, it was between 3,500 and 4,500.

Miss Lottie Sisson, of India, thrilled all hearts by her missionary appeal, and Miss Ballou sang a Hindoo song, whose sad cadence seemed like the wail of dying souls.

A. B. Simpson (center) speaks at an annual camp meeting in Old Orchard, Maine, in 1909. Alliance General Council was eventually conceived from such meetings in Maine and New York City. (Photo courtesy of the C&MA Archives)

The first four days were devoted to the deepening and cleansing of our spiritual life, and this was closed by a consecration scene of great power and overwhelming blessing on Wednesday afternoon. The following day, Thursday, the Lord’s coming was expounded and explained to a great multitude. And on Friday a yet vaster throng assembled to hear about the subject of Divine healing.

A young lady well-known to Old Orchard as a public school teacher was sitting in the audience holding her two crutches. She had met with a severe accident and had not been able to walk for years without their aid. Suddenly the power of God fell upon her, and she sprang to her feet, crying out: “I am healed! Jesus has healed me!” Throwing away her crutches, she began to walk to the platform, and ascending the steps, she stood before the vast assembly with a face shining like the sun, while the attendees rose spontaneously to their feet, some shouting, many of them weeping, and others singing the “Doxology.” Her two sisters gave their hearts to God on the spot, and the fear of God fell on many hearts.

The reports of Christian work on Saturday represented many States and sections, and showed how rapidly and divinely the deeper truths and life of Christ are spreading everywhere. Many testified that they had gone home from the former convention, and by consistent and faithful testimony had seen the work of God strengthened in their community, meetings for consecration and mutual encouragement established and sustained, and little circles of faith and prayer formed in many places.

—The Word, Work and World, Aug. and Sept. 1887

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