Heaven’s Army


As we entered Thibet, we reached the border of what is known as the robber district. There is a chain of mountains here, and seven tribes of robbers dwell among the mountains. They live by murdering and plundering, and no military power has been able to subdue them. As we descended one of the mountains, we were suddenly surprised by finding ourselves in a camp of robbers. When the robbers saw us, they yelled with such a yell as I never heard before to frighten us. We had come professing our faith in God, and our God was going to test us.

We said it was no time to be afraid, and lifting our hats, we reverently bowed our heads and asked the dear Lord to protect His own simple ones who trusted in Him. There were about forty robbers. Each of them had a spear, the head of which was about eighteen inches long and the handle about twenty feet, and they poised it above their heads. Each had a Thibetan gun, which I’ll not take time to describe, lashed to their shoulders, and the Thibetan sword or slash knife lashed across their breast.

When we bowed our heads in prayer, our God seemed to send terror into their hearts. Their chief was sitting on the ground. One of them was holding some kind of structure over his head to keep the sun from smit- ing him. When we were praying, they formed a guard around their chief as though they thought we had some design, and the rest stood as if they were stones.

Oh, how God manifested His presence! We walked our horses deliberately through their midst, near enough for them to have thrust our hearts through with their spears; and yet not a man seemed to think he had a spear. When we had passed them and crossed the little brook, we again halted and reverently in their presence thanked our God for delivering us from bloody men; for their hands had already been stained with human blood. Oh, dear ones, it is surprising what God will do if we trust Him. We have the same God that Israel had, and He thundered in the heavens to frighten the enemies of His people. Oh, how our souls did magnify God; it was all from Him, bless His name!

When we approached the town on the other side, the townspeople met us; not because we were white men but to inquire about the robbers. They looked around and said, “Where are your soldiers?” We told them we did not trust in soldiers, that our God delivered us. They seemed to expect to see some kind of a glorious being. They asked, “Where is God?” Brother Christie said, “Our God is not seen although He is standing by your side now.” They looked at their sides as if to behold Him.

We went into the town and stayed that night and nearly half the next day, telling them of Jesus; and it seemed as if they were conscious of some kind of a Presence that they could not themselves describe. It was our God. It was simply an answer to prayer.

—by D. W. Le Lacheur,  Adapted from The Land of the Lamas or The Opening of Thibet to the Gospel, 1898

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