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April 14: You may be interested in a little country trip I took last week. Two of the Bible women visited [Liu Cheng] twice during the short school term and came back with such interesting reports that we longed to have a part in telling the gospel to those who, as they said, were so anxious to hear. . . .

On arriving, we made our way to the home of our two inquirers. An old man and wife are the only Christians in a city of 20,000. They have no chapel and never hear the gospel unless we go to them. The little old lady dreamed the night before that two women had come to teach her the Bible. The Bible woman and myself were the fulfillment of her night’s vision. They gave [us] the best room: four dirty mud walls, an uneven dirt floor and a two-foot-square window that opened close to another yellow wall. My bed consisted of two coffin boards laid on bricks and covered with grass. My mosquito net kept me from spiders and other creepers. . . . [I] carelessly neglected to cover my soap. Soon a rat helped himself to the cleanser, but being weary and fearing to light matches on a grass bed, we laid low hoping that he would become so intoxicated on the soap bubbles that he would not care for a second dose. . . .

However, the discomforts were soon forgotten when we went on the streets and found the people so hungry for the gospel. It was not necessary to ask permission to tell the Story. The women sent the children . . . to say that they had a big room, and many would come if we would go. Men as well attended, and the crowd became so large that a nice gentleman gave us a vacant lot. We held as many as six services a day, standing most of the time. . . . When we could speak no longer, they made us promise to come again the next day. . . . An old white-whiskered man of eighty believed. One woman called out, “That doctrine is what my heart desires.” A number of others enrolled their names, but we want them to have more teaching before giving a definite report.

April 15: I’m positive I ate enough dirt on that trip to last a lifetime. Yet I had the time of my life. . . . I was the second white woman to have visited their city, and many thought me the devil when I arrived, but the fears turned to friendship and the children said, “Look! Here comes Jesus.” I trust they really saw Him in me as I lived and spoke among them.

—Nellie Jones, Alliance worker in China, from two letters written in 1933

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