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After several days of ministry in Senegal, we came together to debrief and prepare for the trip home. One of the things we were instructed to do was to summarize the answer to the question “How was your trip?” in three minutes. I am still working on that, but there are a few thoughts that I can share:

1. This is just the beginning. It became clear to me that a part of the race that God has prepared for me to run includes the people of Senegal. God has called me to His Church to build and equip women, to teach them their identity in Christ and to lead them to the cross (not only as the instrument of salvation but as an instrument of death to self and self interests). This call, however, is not just to the women of New Beginnings Fellowship (my church back home) or Atlanta. It is also to the women of Senegal. I’ve connected with people there whom I think will be part of my life for years to come. It will be interesting to see how this calling plays out.

2. God is at work. I am absolutely certain that we will begin to see a change in the nation of Senegal—not because we were there, but because God is at work. He simply allowed us to be a small part of His plan for Senegal. I believe He is responding to the faith-filled cry of believers in Senegal. And in His response to them he has orchestrated Americans and others to answer those believers’ prayers. This encourages me that we can see the same manifestation of God’s activity right here in our communities in the United States. We just need to continue in prayer and faith-driven activity. He will respond. He is at work.

3. My life is not my own. AND NEITHER IS YOURS. Being in Senegal was inspiring, but it was not comfortable. It was not easy. It was God’s desire for me during that time. So that is where I was. I initially thought that it was simply something I was choosing to do. It became apparent that it was so much more. When I gave my life to the Lord many years ago, He accepted it. Now that it’s His, He can do with it whatever He wants to. The same is true with your life if you’ve given it to Him. He may not choose to send you across the ocean. He may send you across the street. But it may be just as uncomfortable or difficult. Just be willing and obedient to follow His lead.

While I am still working on what I want to say to family in friends in three minutes, I have no doubt about what God said to me during Bridge Senegal 2009. Thank you for letting me share it with you.

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