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“Without the Holy Spirit, the inward and upper journey is just going to be a hard slog of frustration,” asserted Alliance President John Stumbo Friday night after a stirring challenge by co-lead pastors of Calvario Church (Orlando, Fla.), Gabriel and Jeanette Salguero. “But with the Spirit,” added Gabriel, “comes fruit, power, knowledge, wisdom,” and everything else The Alliance could ever need to complete our inward and upward trek.

The Spirit’s power and presence is promised to every member of His Body—and the presence of the Spirit was tangible in the presentations during the daily President’s Reports, evening services, seminars, and workshops throughout the week. As the Alliance family leaned in to the worship, teaching, and fellowship, a spirit of unity permeated Council 2019. 

“The fire of the Holy Spirit is a unifying fire,” said Gabriel and Jeanette. “The locusts divide, but the Holy Spirit brings us together. The Holy Spirit emboldens us to go beyond the places of safety.” The Salgueros continued their challenge, teaching in an engaging, seamless, Spanish-to-English exchange, reminding attendees of the pervasiveness of the Holy Spirit. “Because the Holy Spirit knows no boundaries, the Church knows no boundaries,” they preached. “There is no place we cannot get into. No place we can’t love. No place where we cannot plant the banner of God.”

John picked up the challenge with the promise of Acts 1:8, which is “not just an instruction, but rather a description of what will happen when the Holy Spirit comes upon His people,” he said. “You will receive power. You will be my witnesses . . . to the ends of the earth.”

Council speakers and presenters took attendees beyond satisfaction with the norm and status quo ministry with insightful, Spirit-filled—often prophetic—teaching that challenged and edified all who heard. Here are a few highlights.

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