Hope for Hurting People


Exalting Jesus and fulfilling the Great Commission are the pillars of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. The centrality of the Alliance message is Jesus. Our mission is the Great Commission. The method of ministry is to multiply missionary-sending churches. The means is through Spirit-filled, healthy workers like our team of medical professionals.

In this issue of Alliance Life, you will read amazing stories of how Alliance medical workers are using their skills to build bridges strong enough to share the good news of eternal life.

Nearly 5 billion of the 6.5 billion people in the world live at or near the poverty level. These are the people most susceptible to disease and disasters. AIDS, other pandemics (e.g., bird flu), floods, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunamis, hurricanes, famine, wars and proliferation of refugees all impact the work of missions. Quality health care for the majority of the world’s people living in such conditions is a remote possibility.

Into these situations, our medical people bring expertise and hope based on the love of Christ for hurting and lost people. Stories of spiritual transformation, church multiplication, leadership development and the training of national Christians to be doctors and nurses are all part of medical missions in The Alliance.

While attending a church/mission celebration in Gabon, West Africa, I met government officials who told me of the impact Bongolo Hospital had on the nation. Some of the officials had been treated there, and one was converted through the ministry and is now a governor.

This high-impact ministry in the jungles of Gabon is also a training hospital for future African medical professionals. Of special note is the eternal significance of the work there. More than 1,000 people each year are converted to Christ. African chaplains are engaged in follow-up and discipleship and incorporating new believers into local churches throughout Gabon.

The Gabon mission team is transitioning to other countries because the national church is now a strong missionary-sending church. The work at Bongolo will continue for many years because of its impact across Africa. We have an example in Gabon of how the work of missions includes many avenues of ministry—evangelism, church planting, leadership training, Bible schools, literature, youth work and medical work.

Our medical ministries in Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Cambodia and creative-access countries are experiencing amazing results like Gabon. Meeting human need in these countries is giving our workers unprecedented opportunities for evangelism and church multiplication. Jesus is being exalted among the nations, and steps are being taken to accomplish the Great Commission through the work of health professionals who are dedicated followers of Christ.

I am thankful for our medical workers who have chosen to serve the Lord in difficult places. Their labor is much rewarded. Because of their commitment, there will be believers from many tribes, tongues and nations at the throne worshiping the Lamb of God for eternity.

I am also thankful for the thousands of Alliance people in the United States that partner in prayer and financial support through the Great Commission Fund and special projects to keep our workers on the field in high-impact ministries. It is a privilege to be associated with a ministry that meets the temporal and eternal needs of people around the world.

Gary Benedict
President, U.S. C&MA

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