Horse-Drawn Gospel


Our dear brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Pierson, have been very much used of God during the last two years in traveling about New England in their Gospel Carriage. This vehicle will hold about twenty persons, and with it they and such helpers as the Lord sends have visited towns and cities adjacent to Boston, then spreading out until they reached Old Orchard, Maine, where the picture was taken. An average of twelve services were held daily, with large crowds attracted by the cornet and organ playing. Through the singing and preaching, hundreds accepted the invitation to come to Christ.

The following is a condensed account of Mr. Pierson’s statement about the work:

I feel as the little boy who wanted to count the stars. He did not know where to commence, and I hardly know where to begin to tell about the Gospel Carriage. I believe it was of the Holy Ghost. Some years ago a sister gave me fifty cents to give the gospel to the poor. It reminded me of a story I once heard about a minister who wished to build a church and had no money to start it with. One day a boy rolled two bricks into the yard in his little cart, and then told everyone the church was going up, the first load of bricks was on the ground. And sure enough the church building did go up from that day.

We laid the fifty cents by, thinking if it was of the Lord the little sum would grow. In two and a half years it had grown to two hundred and fifty dollars, and then we had the Gospel Carriage built and began our work. This is our second summer away and the work is only just begun. Many people have been reached in this way, who would not go to the ordinary church services. We have been four weeks now in coming from Boston, and the Lord has wonderfully owned the work. We are ready to thank God every time we can speak a word for Him. Since we have been here at Old Orchard, many people have followed our carriage from the services on the beach to the evening meeting in the camp ground. The only Scripture text we have in it is the little word, “Go,” which we believe is as much inspired as any part of the Bible. There is room for a thousand more in this kind of work.

The highways and byways were worked while the journey from place to place was being made.

Among the workers photographed in the carriage are O. S. Schultz, New York; Mr. and Mrs. Kinney, Sing Sing, NY; E. Duncan Sniffen, New York; Rev. A. B. Simpson, New York; Mrs. Henrietta Offut; Mrs. Pierson at organ; Mr. Hauck cornetist; and Rev. Henry J. Pierson holding the Word of God. Rev. I Luce of So. Berwick and Henry Naylor of New York are standing at the side.

Adapted from stories in The Word, The Work and The World, Vol. VII, No. 3, Sept. 1886; and Volume VII, No. 4, Oct. 1886

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