I Am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N

By Anonymous

Many people identify as “Christian” in the creative-access country where we work, so my teammates and I often wonder how to introduce them to a life-changing, life-giving relationship with Jesus. This society’s religious past and tradition predate the United States’ entire history by more than a millennium. To the locals, we Americans are mere babies in the faith, so who are we to teach about God?

Desiring to draw our English students into a deeper understanding of the Truth, two years ago we began communities of faith where small groups of people gather to read the Word of God. The Word predates even their form of Christianity and is supposed to be the basis of their beliefs. Surprisingly, however, most have never read the Bible. It is kept behind the altar wall in their churches; only the priests can bring it out and read it.

The first group that formed is an eclectic mix of people—some true believers, some atheists, and some local “Christians.” One member is named Kaitlyn*. She joined the study a little late and missed a few of the core stories of God’s Creation, the Fall, and the Ten Commandments. But she joined in time to hear about the sacrificial system and Jesus as the perfect sacrifice and to hear the other students retell the earlier stories she had missed.

At first, Kaitlyn often sat quietly and listened intently to the Word of God. She processed the words and rarely missed a meeting. In these two years, we have seen her life change. She has heard of Jesus’ love for her and her need for Him as her Savior. She has realized the need to forgive her father for abandoning the family. She loves God’s Word, and she enjoys singing worship songs to Him. God has taken hold of her life by the power of His Word, and she is being transformed.

In our most recent meeting, Kaitlyn suggested a song for our worship time: “Love on the Line” by Hillsong. She sang along with us: To the One who has rescued my soul/To the One who has welcomed me home/To the One who is Savior of all/I sing forever. We praise God for the work He is doing in her life.

After two years of watching us lead these meetings, Kaitlyn will slowly begin helping lead the community of faith she is a part of along  with the Alliance workers on the team. Please pray for her as she continues her journey with God.

Please also pray that for the other groups there will be consistency and a longing to study His Word. Pray that God will open the doors to many other souls and that as we gather and open God’s Word, He can speak to the hearts of the people and more lives will be transformed by His truth.


*Name changed

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