“I Was Blind; Now I See”


No one led her to the evangelism campaign in Katana, Burkina Faso, that night. But Nongo, an elderly blind woman, could hear the service from her mud-brick home several hundred yards away.

She heard the believers singing praises to their Savior and the pastor preaching a message about salvation being found in Christ. Then she listened intently to the Jesus film in her own language, and the message penetrated the core of her being. She knew this was truth. And in that moment, alone—to our knowledge having never before been exposed to the gospel—she made a decision.

Nongo lives in her brother-in-law’s courtyard. He had attended the campaign, and upon his return she handed him all of her fetishes and idols and proclaimed that she did not need them anymore. She was now going to follow Jesus.

Her brother-in-law protested, telling her that she should wait and talk to someone to find out more. But Nongo had made up her mind. Upset, the brother-in-law told her that she would no longer be welcome in his courtyard and that he would not take care of her.

But God is so faithful! Another of her brothers said that he would take responsibility for Nongo if she would be allowed to remain in her home.

Nongo may not be able to see the light of day, but her spiritual eyes have been opened. She sees much better than those around her who live in spiritual blindness. She knows that Jesus can bring sight to the blind—she heard it in the Jesus film. Yet her resolve is firm: “Even if Jesus does not heal my sight, I am going to follow Him because He is the truth!”

Pray that God would meet Nongo’s every need and that her testimony would be strong amid family and friends who need to see Jesus as she does!

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