December 1, 2014

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Being There

The U.S. Alliance has workers in about 70 countries. This may or may not impress you—and that’s okay. Because it’s […] more
  • Italia!


    If you’re planning to write an article on Italy, it stands to reason that a trip would be in order, […] more
  • From Gospel Choir to Gospel Community


    For the last few years, we’ve been planting a church in Tokyo with the help of Whoopi Goldberg and the […] more
  • Forever


    “Let’s celebrate the anniversary!” A National Office employee pitched an idea to me. Twenty-five years ago the leaders of The […] more
  • True Shelter


    Since we arrived in 1977 in what was then called Upper Volta, my husband, Doug, and I have been through […] more
  • Leaning In


    These are difficult times. It once seemed that a major change happened in the world every three to five years, […] more
  • Brainwashed

    By Anonymous

    We were first called “brainwashed” during our initial meetings with the liaison from the rural college where we were being […] more
  • Starting Over . . . Again

    By Anonymous

    Abram, who eventually became known as Abraham, is a classic study in starting over. Abram’s father, Terah, decided to move […] more
  • With the Lord


    Hazel Irwin Steinert September 7, 1931–June 1, 2014 Hazel was born in Roundup, Mont., and spent her early years in […] more
  • Prayer Life


    Guinea After much prayerful deliberation, Alliance leaders made the difficult decision to temporarily withdraw all personnel from … more
  • Deep Roots


    Healthy roots in good earth are a key to trees bearing large fruit that contain the seeds of multiplication. Likewise, […] more
  • Anasaya


    In one big Mohammedan town, we went to the weekly bazaar, sold Gospels and gave out hundreds of tracts. A […] more

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