Jewels Along the Amazon



The steady roar of the outboard motor was finally quieted after two hours of traveling upstream. As we pulled alongside the balsa raft that served as a dock, we were glad that the rain had not lasted too long, nor had the sun been too hot. A hearty greeting rang out, and the brethren came to make us welcome to the jungle village of Gallito, Peru. We had come for a Bible convention and were trusting the Lord for a time of blessing.

How happy the boys and girls were when they learned that there would be a class especially for them. They were pleased with the Bible pictures we gave them, and as we walked home after the class in the afternoon, it was a joy to hear them work at memorizing Scripture on the card in order to get another card the next day.

That night in the service, the children sang for their parents their new chorus, “Thou Art the Way, the Truth, the Life.” As they sang, I prayed that each one might know Christ as his Savior.

Sunday morning, 45 strong, they filed into a neighbor’s home. . . . My heart was glad, and the angels must have rejoiced when after the Sunday afternoon class, 10 jewels for the crown of Jesus were washed in the blood of the Lamb.

After the class, we invited the people of the town to the evening service. The farther we went the sadder I became, because in every house there were children who do not know the Savior. I am anxious to reach them for Christ.

The closing service of the convention was held in the schoolhouse, and the building was nicely filled. Many heard the gospel for the first time. One young man stayed after the service to seek the Lord. His father had done the same in the morning, and under the banana trees he had wept over his waywardness. As a result of that same service, the schoolteacher is very much interested in the gospel now and is not far from the Kingdom.

That night, paddling along in the moonlight to Iquitos, we were indeed “happy in the service of the King.”

—Mrs. Fred Kowalchuk, The Alliance Weekly, August 13, 1958.

Photo above: Mrs. Kowalchuk teaching a children’s class in Peru (Photo courtesy of the C&MA Archives)

4 responses to Jewels Along the Amazon

  1. Love hearing the, “old, old story” of unseen things above, of Jesus and His glory, of Jesus and His love.”

  2. Praising God for the faithfulness of His workers!! Only Eternity will reveal the results of their commitment to our precious Savior!!

  3. Loved reading this. Encouraging. And have always dreamed of missions work. How fortunate those that bring the good news!!!

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