“Just in Time” Generosity in Jordan


“Just in Time” Generosity in Jordan


In 2009, three Alliance leaders prayed for God’s blessing on an empty plot of soil that today is the site of Alliance Academy of Jordan.

The photo captivated my attention. It was taken in March 2009: three Alliance leaders praying for God’s blessing on an empty plot of rocky soil on the outskirts of Amman, Jordan. Four years earlier the Alliance churches in the Central Pacific District had donated $50,000 to help purchase this very property—by faith—to build a school as a way to reach the children of Jordan. Would the dream of a humble Jordanian pastor with a heart for the people of his country ever come to pass? How would enough money be raised—and from whom—to dig a foundation, let alone construct a five-story building out of concrete and steel?

But God was already stirring the hearts of His people and writing the miraculous story of Alliance Academy of Jordan (AAJ). Day by day and year by year His resources through His people have consistently come “just in time” to turn a pastor’s dream into reality.

A School is Born

AAJ opened its doors on August 25,2014. Thanks to a generous donor, the fifth floor was completed and high school classes will commence for the 2021–2022 school year.

By October 2011, the Lord had provided the funds to break ground and AAJ opened its doors to students on August 25, 2014. It was a miracle. The core mission of the school is to provide an excellent education in a loving, caring, and inclusive environment where all students may grow holistically to make a positive impact on their families and community.

But the purpose of AAJ is not just to give Jordanian children and youth a solid education; the school is also a ministry that creates opportunity for Jordanian kids and their families to experience God’s purpose for their lives. As a result, The Alliance has never had as much access to  both Christian and Muslim Jordanian families as it has had in just more than five years of operation.

“God has given us an incredibly strategic platform to share the love of Christ with the greater Jordan community,” expresses Rev. Nathan Greenfield, former director of AAJ. “God is placing us in a position of influence, and with this great responsibility, we need the prayer support of God’s people.”

Methodical Growth

The school began with two Kindergarten classes and two first grade classes—a total of 47 students—and has grown slowly but methodically each year by adding new classes, teachers, and staff.

AAJ is now operating grades 1–8 with 354 students on four of the five floors of the school building. Just this past December (2019), God prompted a donor to give a generous gift to help complete the fifth floor, which will enable high school classes to commence on schedule for the 2021–2022 academic year. God provided yet another gift at just the right time!

Special Needs Emphasis

AAJ also strives to become a leading inclusive school in Amman for children with disabilities and learning challenges—providing respect, dignity, and equal opportunity for all children. The AAJ staff believes that through their love and care for their students and parents (40% are Muslim), many Jordanian children will be drawn to the authenticity of Jesus Christ.

For example, Rashid (who has spinal bifida) has experienced acceptance at AAJ that has had a significant impact beyond the walls of the school. Because physical disabilities often cause shame in Jordan’s society, Rashid’s family honor has been restored because the AAJ community not only accepts Rashid but also celebrates him.

This passion for inclusion has drawn the attention of several influential leaders in the Jordanian government. The school was visited by Prince Mired (the cousin of the King of Jordan) and by the Secretary General of the Higher Council for Persons with Disabilities. Also visiting the school was Dr. Omar Razzaz, the minister of education, who shortly after his visit was appointed as the prime minister of Jordan. Moved to tears, Dr. Razzaz told school administrators: “You are an exceptional model of inclusive education.”

Spiritual Life

Another highlight has been the formation of a Spiritual Life Committee, which is responsible for planning a schoolwide weekly chapel that is designed to be a fun, creative, and impactful time when students from all backgrounds come together to hear about God’s truth. A spiritual life director is responsible for teaching Bible classes and for encouraging students, staff, and parents throughout the week.

One day a local mom asked to meet with the spiritual life director to inquire about what Christians believe. The director shared some key Bible verses starting from the beginning of Creation until Jesus’ coming and dying for our sins and His Resurrection. The Muslim woman asked questions for an hour and a half. At the end of the conversation she said her perspective toward Christianity was changing, and a special friendship was formed between the two women.

Chapel Dedication

This past September a special ceremony was held to celebrate the completion of AAJ’s chapel/auditorium. Many Alliance individuals and U.S. churches gave generously to this component of the construction over the last two years. Not only will the completed auditorium serve as a meeting place for the entire student body, but it will also be a center for community events and home for the local Alliance church.

During the ceremony, Pastor Habes Nimat, the Jordanian pastor/educator whose dream 20 years earlier inspired the vision for AAJ, thanked the many donors and volunteers God used to accomplish His purpose in establishing this local church and school. He publicly thanked many people in the United States and members of the local churches in Jordan who sacrificially gave of their time, talents, and resources over the years. It was a tremendous celebration of God’s faithful provision through His people.


There are simply no words to express the depth of appreciation to our U.S. Alliance family for your incredible faithfulness to the Alliance Academy project. Nearly 700  donors—individuals, churches, districts, and foundations—have contributed to this massive undertaking, raising $5.1 million and contributing hundreds of volunteer hours.

We are overwhelmed by your generosity and thank God for His miraculous provision through you!

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